Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Boss is Possessive of ME!!

I love it! Yesterday my boss was in a strategy meeting with the President and CEO, the Chief Financial Officer, the Chief Medical Officer, the Vice President of Compliance, and..... I don't remember. Anyway, whoever goes to a strategy meeting for the company.

As my boss related to me later yesterday afternoon, the conversation turned to administrative assistants, and how few there are in this company. My boss says she immediately told the CEO, "You can't have mine!" So he asked what I did.

I didn't realize my boss knew what all I did - and yet, she nearly captured it all. She told him I did all the meetings for Quality (QIC, QMPI, HEDIS) including schedules, binders and meals, meeting minutes, agendas, etc. I handle Provider Relations/MM meetings - schedule, agendas, minutes, etc. I handle medical management meetings - which include a lot of other things. I handle Pharmacy meetings, schedules, minutes, binders, etc. I handle prior authorization schedules, minutes, agendas, meals, etc., I handle long term care minutes, agendas, etc. etc. and "lots of other duties as assigned". I don't remember what I do - I just do it when it is due!

Anyway, the CEO commented about the AA who is supposed to be supporting him. He tells her he wants a meeting, she decides on a time, makes it, and doesn't care whose meeting it hits against. She may - or may not - order food. She doesn't take minutes, nor does she type them. She never cleans up after a meeting but leaves it for other AAs to clean up.

The CEO asked my boss how he could get this other person to be more productive (like me) - my boss responded - "How do you teach someone to care about their job?"

Wow. It felt good for my boss to straight out say she didn't want me to move to the 'other side' and help HER boss. I feel good that she realized how much I do and how I am careful to get everything done timely. Do I make mistakes? Yeah, more often than I want to admit. One of my biggest fears is that I will have a lunch or breakfast meeting - and forget to order food. That, and forgetting to reserve the conference room. It really felt good that she told the CEO how I think ahead and check things - I have moved an important quarterly meeting with outside doctors from Thursday this week to next Tuesday because of the possibility of heavy rain today and tomorrow. I had food ordered so had to make sure it got moved as well.

It just felt good and I felt appreciated and valued. and the CEO told he couldn't have me! I love it!

In fact, what I have been writing about at work to send with my reports is about influencing others and encouraging them. I am going to include a small portion of what I shared this morning here - it's just good stuff. And no, I didn't write it. Written by John Maxwell.

Just as encouragement makes others want to follow you, withholding praise and encouragement has the opposite effect. We read an account by Dr. Maxwell Maltz that shows the incredible negative impact a person can have when he doesn’t encourage persons close to him. Maltz described a woman who came to his office seeking his help. Evidently, her son had moved from her home in the Midwest to New York where Maltz had his practice. When their son was only a boy, the woman’s husband died, and she ran his business, hoping to do so only until the son became old enough to take it over. But when the son became old enough, he didn’t want to be involved with it. Instead, he wanted to go to New York and study. She came to Maltz because she wanted him to find out why her son had behaved that way.

A few days later the son came to Maltz’s office, explaining that his mother had insisted on the visit. “I love my mother,” he explained, “But I’ve never told her why I had to leave home. I’ve just never had the courage. And I don’t want her to be unhappy. But you see, Doctor, I don’t want to take over what my father started. I want to make it on my own.”

“That’s very admirable,” Martz said to him, “But what do you have against your father?”

“My father was a good man and worked hard, but I suppose I resented him,” he said. “My father came up the hard way. And he thought he should be tough on me. I guess he wanted to build self-reliance in me or something. When I was a boy, he never encouraged me. I can remember playing catch with him out in the yard. He’d pitch and I’d catch. We had a game to see if I could catch ten balls in a row. And, Doctor, he’d never let me catch the tenth ball! He’d throw eight or nine to me, but he always threw the tenth ball into the air, or into the ground, or where I couldn’t’ catch it.” The young man paused for a moment and then said, “He would never let me catch the tenth ball – never! And I guess I had to leave home and the business he started because I wanted somehow to catch that tenth ball!”

Lack of encouragement can hinder a person from living a healthy, productive life. But when a person feels encouraged, he can face the impossible and overcome incredible adversity. And the person who gives the gift of encouragement becomes an influencer in his life.

Become a positive influence in someone's life today. Perhaps your son or daughter - or wife or husband - needs an encouraging word. Or perhaps it is a co-worker that needs some encouragement. Find something to compliment them on. It can make their day. And you may be get a positive comment back. It could change your day.

Happy Hump Day!


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dreams - do they mean anything?

I read my son's blog yesterday after I had written mine, and I remembered a dream I had had the night before. Talk about weird!

This is all I remember of it -

I'm laying in a hospital bed - but I don't know why. I'm texting my boss and I don't know what I sent her, but her response was, "Next they will tear out your toenails."

I started texting "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" and as I glanced down at my toes, two were bandaged and only one nail was showing still there. Still screaming 'NOOOOOOO!!!' I woke up.

Talk about a weird dream. I came into the office yesterday and told my boss about it - and asked her if she had some sort of vengence against me. She laughed. Not a sinister laugh,but still, a laugh.

What makes us dream such stuff?

I must admit, it made me think about it - wondering if it had a meaning to it. Is something going to happen that is going to be like pulling toenails? That severity of pain?

I don't know. I couldn't think of anything. But then, I have no control over life.

Heck, I barely can control my eating habits! But I did good on day one. Hopefully I can survive day 2. I was disappointed in my weight and body fat percentage yesterday- but I can't deny what the scales said. It is what it is.

But I will do what I can to change that.

Rain is coming into town today. We've already received notices from work that we may be asked to work from home within the next couple days. I'm going to take my computer and work home with me tonight. Going to see about cancelling a couple meetings scheduled for Thursday - one is a lunch meeting and we have outside docs coming to it. I'd feel bad if the building was closed (our basement flooded the last time) and food arrived or the docs came. May be able to move it to next week.

Be safe out there today - have a good day!


Monday, September 15, 2014

New Week, New Weight Loss Plan.... sigh....

I think I am finally motivated to do something about my weight. Maybe. I get motivated and then I fall off the wagon. I'm addicted to food, just as much as an alcoholic is addicted to alcohol. I love food. I love fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, fried okra, french fries, fried potatoes, fried anything. I love potatoes - baked (with lots of sour cream and butter) and fried (especially if pats of butter has drizzled over it while frying). I love pies, cakes, ice cream - and most things chocolate.

Moderation is a difficult word for me. Easy to say. Hard to follow.

But, last week some of the people in my area (which does have a few 'fluffy' people) decided to start a weight loss challenge in our area. I've wanted to start one since the beginning of the year and couldn't get HR to give me a response (as it was going to be company wide)so I just gave up. This one is just the area I work in - I'm not sure how many are going to participate, but there are about ten of us I think, that would. The cost is $20 and 'winner takes all' and it is based on body fat percentage lost only. Now, if a couple of these people are really serious, they could easily walk away with the $$ as they have more to lose than I do. But, with being based on body fat percentage, I do stand a chance. And even if I don't, I will still be a winner if I can get some of this weight off.

The fifteen pounds I lost the other year in our weight loss challenge here at work, well, I easily gained back this past year. I blame it on stress (I am a stress-eater) and all the issues going on within family situations. It didn't matter if I was in the middle of it or not, it affected me. And so, I ate. and Ate. and Ate. And now I'm fat again. I'd really like to lose about 30 pounds, but I'm not going to stress out on that - if I can lose that 15 I think I would be ok. At least my clothes would fit me better - and some would fit me once again. sigh.

So anyway, the contest starts today - we get weighed in this morning between 8-9AM. I have been good thus far. I had my protein shake for breakfast and I brought a light lunch. I told hubby I will figure out dinner when I get home - it takes too much thinking to try to figure out what to have in the morning for that night. Since he hasn't been fixing dinner until I get home anyway, I may as well think about it on the way home, and then get it started.

Oh yeah, hubby decided he is going to do diet with me and has gone back to the gym this morning. Of course his doctor had told him to work out four days a week - so he needs the motivation too. I do have my treadmill at home and I will be utilizing it more. I do belong to the gym and I will go there as well, but like tonight, I think I will do the treadmill tonight after dinner, then go to the gym tomorrow night so that I can do the circuit. Planet Fitness is only $10/month and there is a new one at 35th Ave & Peoria. It is really different than 24 hour fitness. I mean, you don't have the extra room for zumba, or bikes or whatever else they did in there. You have treadmills, bikes, stairs, a circuit or two, some weights. They also have sections around the gym that you can focus on certain areas, i.e., abs, circuit training, shoulders, legs, etc. that contain that equipment. I'll see how all that works for me once I get going. Again. I haven't been for a few weeks. Stubbornness I guess.

But, if I want to be a winner I am going to have to exercise. I don't know of any others here that exercise - and if they do it just by diet, I stand a chance to win. If I remain focused. But then again, some do the Atkins Diet and they do lose the weight quickly. This time frame is from today (9/15) to December 5th. Why stop then? Our Christmas party is December 13th and the goal is to 'look good' at the Christmas party.

So starting today I am getting back on track. What about you? From the challenge I had issued the first of the year my son in law and daughter both won by losing 10% of their body weight by June 1st. It looks like they are keeping it off and/or losing more so I may be out another couple hundred by the end of the year. Good for them. My son challenged me, but unfortunately, I didn't take him up on it. Unless it was by the end of the year and I still stand that chance. 16.5 pounds (Yeah, I'm at the 165 mark) - I have time to do this!!

Join with me - let's do this!! Let's get healthy!!


Friday, September 12, 2014

Respect - what do you do with it? Do you give it? Do you receive it?

There was a woman who moved to a small town. After being there a short time, she complained to her neighbor about the poor service she received at the local drugstore. She was hoping her new acquaintance would repeat her criticism to the store’s owner.

The next time the newcomer went to the drugstore, the druggist greeted her with a big smile, told her how happy he was to see her again, and said he hoped she liked their town. He also offered himself as a resource to the woman and her husband as they got settled. Then he took care of her order quickly and efficiently.

Later the woman reported the incredible change to her friend. “I suppose you told him how poor I thought the service was?” she declared.

“Well, no,” the neighbor said. “In fact – and I hope you don’t mind – I told him you were amazed at the way he had built up this small town drugstore, and that you thought it was one of the best-run drugstores you’d ever seen.”

That woman’s neighbor understood that people respond to respect. In fact, most people will do nearly anything for you if you treat them respectfully. And that means making it clear to them that their feelings are important, their preferences are respected, and their opinions valuable. It means giving them the benefit of the doubt. Or as poet-philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson put it, “Every man is entitled to be valued by his best moments.”

Where love focuses on giving to others, respect shows a willingness to receive from them. Respect acknowledges another person’s ability or potential to contribute. Listening to other people and putting their agenda ahead of your own reflect your respect for them and have the potential to make you and them more successful. According to a recent study by Teleometrics International reported in the Wall Street Journal, executives understand the power of respect. Among the sixteen thousand executives surveyed, the researchers concentrated on a group of high achievers. Within that group, all had positive attitudes about their subordinates, frequently sought their advice, regularly listened to their concerns, and treated them with respect.

If you have had the opportunity to work in many environments, and you have worked bot both types of people – those who have and those who have not shown you respect – you understand how motivational respect can be. And you also know that you are more easily influenced by people who treat you well.

I have both types of people here in my office. I have a director who is not respectful of others. She will send horrible emails in which she will say 'you will do this or there will be consequences'. No if, and, or but. When I worked in that department, I received that (along with the rest of the department) email and it wasn't directed at me personally, but at one person who wasn't working. This person is no longer here, but at that time she would watch videos on her computer, do her homework doing work hours, use the printer for personal business... in fact, I think I have written about her a couple years ago. Anyway, I forwarded that email to my current boss and told her that this type of email should not be going out - it was disrespectful.

Within minutes a second email came out from the director that said "if you were offended by my first email, too bad. I mean what I say". Nice. Disrespectful. We all knew who it was directed at, and yet, we all received the same email and felt the same beaten feeling. I was appalled that a director level person would send such an email.

Disrespect. Respect.

If you want people to respect you, then you need to treat other people with respect. You should never criticize to tear down to your level, but build up and encourage. The better they succeed, the better you look. Why? Because you are a part of their lives.

Sometimes we try to live life through our children, encouraging them to be successful and pushing them to excel in everything. Sometimes that is detrimental for that isn't where their heart is. And when you focus more on one than the other, it makes the other feel less important (providing you have more than one child). If that one child should fail, it could crush them beyond repair, for their disappointment is not in what happened, but that you were disappointed in them.

Then there are those we don't encourage to become anything at all. Why? Because we didn't know how to. We were never encouraged as a child, so how would that be a learned thing? Unfortunately that will pass on to generation after generation unless someone will step up and begin the art of encouraging others and teaching them to respect others. When you show others respect, you will receive it as well.

I think that is one of many reasons I love my boss. She is an amazing woman. She and I always encourage each other to succeed in different things, we build each other's ideas up, we present opportunities to succeed. I am who I am today because of the model she has given me in the professional world. I succeed because she shows me by example how to do my best. I often tell her my job is to make her look good. I don't want her to fail, therefore, all I do is to make her look good. And she acknowledges my efforts.

Choose today to acknowledge how someone does their job, choose to build up and not tear down. Choose to see yourself as someone who is to be respected.


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Remembering 13 years

This morning as I came out of the back part of the house after getting ready for work, my hubby was sitting in a chair in the front room watching TV. That in itself isn't unusual for he watches the news each morning while I'm getting ready. This morning, though, it was different.

The TV was showing the horrific scene taken 13 years ago when the twin towers were hit by the airplanes and, after a short while, falling to the ground in dust. People were covered in gray ashes, walking around, bewildered, confused, hurt, not understanding what had just happened.

My hubby was fighting tears, as I was, standing there watching it all happen.

From September 11 thireen years ago, life changed for so many people. Families were ripped apart. Never to see each other again, with one parent, or both, or a child, perishing that day. For many of us so far away from that scene it still seems unreal. How could something like that happen in this great country of ours? Haven't we always felt safe here? Who had dared invade our country and do such a self-centered and horrible thing?!

It did happen. My heart still breaks for those who are still hurting so badly from their loss. There are many who are still suffering from breathing the particles of air that was pushed from the buildings. There are many still dying because of what happened that day.

And many hearts grieve for these families.

But life does go on. We are still alive, still able to make a difference in this world. What are we doing? Are we sitting on the couch and waiting for other people to step up and do something? Or are we seeing things that we can do and touching lives however we can? Are we making a difference?

I like to think that most people are making a difference, and not finding excuses. People have always been full of excuses. They will throw in a dollar or two when a specific charity is needing donations, but ask them to participate in doing something, and they balk. I must admit that I sometimes fall in that category. I used to throw myself into charities and do things and be really involved. I can't tell you exactly what happened. Why I quit participating. I know even my little bit did make a difference, but, I don't do much anymore. And that makes me sad. I used to go feed the homeless at the shelter. That group disbanded. I helped with special olympics. The group I was with did other things after that. I helped cook and serve food at a men's shelter. The small group I was involved with disbanded. I was involved with many other activities helping others. I retired from that company.

Where I am at now has done a couple things like packing boxes at the food bank (but it is on the way south side of town) and collecting Easter baskets for a shelter (which I helped with) and adopting a couple families at Christmas. I've tried to encourage participation in other activities, but I don't get the warm vibes so I just hush. So I look to see what I can do on my own. But then, I haven't gotten that involved either. I have my own reasons for NOT getting involved, but do what I can, when I can.

I like to participate in the 5Ks that come up for different things. Not just the fun ones, but for those that have a meaning. I don't want to do them on my own, can't afford to pay for more than one, and no one else wants to do it. I do donate blood or platelets whenever I can. I feel that helps someone, somewhere. Maybe I just need to search further, to see what I can do.

I want to make a difference. What about you?


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

It's gonna be a cherry pie night! Hopefully!

One of my Princesses is coming over tonight to make a cherry pie. We were going to do it Monday evening, but with not feeling well, and not wanting to inflict my cold upon her (assuming that is what it is), I asked her to wait until Wednesday. And that is today. My "cold" has gone from sneezing and a really bad runny nose to this morning where it has settled in my chest and I'm getting the occasional 'cough'. Ick. Oh well, this too shall pass. Right now I'm going from hot and sweaty to cool and comfortable. What's up with that? Office temperature never suits me anyway. It's going to be one of those days. Yesterday I wore a sweater most of the day. Partly to hide my fat belly (I know, do something about it if it bothers me) and partly because I was chilly.

So tonight she and I will be getting together to bake cherry pie. She wants to make it for her boyfriend for his birthday - which is today. Sadly, I am making her wait a day to give it to him, but that is the way it is. I gave her the recipe over the weekend (although I found a much easier one yesterday and plan to use that one) so if she really wanted to give it to him on his birthday, she could have done it herself. But I like her reasoning for waiting to do it with me. "so we can spend some time together." My grandchildren know exactly what to say to melt my heart.

I love the memories we make at Christmas time making cookies and Christmas mice and whatever else I can come up with. I can't believe how quickly (yet, not really quickly) this year is flying by. It seems that way because of additional expenses and money going out faster than we can make it. And I'm concerned about what am I going to do about Christmas. I'm not sure how it will work out, but I will work it out. At least my boys are fairly easy - cookies, salsa and chips. :-) And I love making it for them. And, as I'm learning some of the grandchildren like the salsa pretty good, I might be able to work that with the older ones as well. It sure helps to give them something they "want" and not just another t-shirt.

Anyway, I'm thinking about making a couple extra pies to bring in to work tomorrow. It's a simple recipe and I can easily get them done. But our priority is getting the pie baked for the boyfriend. Of course, if one of my boys stops by on his way home from work to pick up his birthday gift, there might be a pie about ready that he could take with him if he wanted. Depends really on when we get started on the pies, and when he finishes up his work. They might coincide.

Well, it is time for me to get to work. Running a little late this morning getting out of the house, then ran into more traffic than usual. Got to work a little later than usual, which is really no big deal. I believe that God allows me to run late so that I could miss any 'could be' accidents that I would either be involved in, or caught in the traffic. Every morning we pray for my safety to and from work (as well as my son whose job is to travel all over the valley) and my other children and grandchildren as they travel. Got my two reports out already and here I am. But it is nearing 8AM and I do need to get to work.

Hope you have a great day.


Monday, September 8, 2014

And I call in sick.....

I'm rarely sick. And I rarely call in sick. Even when I'm sick, and I stay home, I will work from home rather than take a sick day. Why? I have no clue. Probably because I usually have a lot of work to get done.

But I started with a sore throat Saturday evening, and it has become a sinus cold of sorts, including a fever. I didn't sleep much last night - got up about 3-ish so I wouldn't wake hubby up. Found a couple leaks so got buckets under them. Yep, we have a deluge of rain coming down. All night. Shortly after I got up there was a huge crack of thunder and lightening and all the power went out. But it came back on a couple minutes later. I felt miserable. I began to weigh the 'should I work from home, go to work, or just call in sick' questions. I decided to call in sick so that I could just rest and not sit at the computer all day.

So I text'd my boss about 4-ish that I would not be in to work, that I was sick. She text'd me around 6AM that the building was flooded and they were having people work from home.

I would have already been enroute to work as I would have left a little early due to the rain. And, judging from the news, would have been in the parking lot on I17 and I10 - both routes I take to work. Both have areas under water and people are sitting on both sides of the water. IF I had made it to work, I would have been unable to get in - and would have been turned away. I would have had no place to go as I probably could not have gotten back home by then.

You can think what you want, but I feel God allowed me to get sick so that I would make the decision to stay home today sick. Sick enough to stay home and make that decision, but not so sick that I have to stay in bed. He protected me by keeping me at home. And yes, I believe that.

So the rain has been coming down all night and looks like it is starting to let up. I heard another storm was on its way in.

I wonder if my son has attempted to drive his truck to work - I don't think he will make it. But, I checked with him and he plans to attempt the drive. Wish he didn't have to, but it's up to his boss, not to his mom. :-(

Saturday was a son's 43rd birthday. My daughter reminded me that I usually type something about their big day, how it came about, etc. I didn't get on the computer Saturday nor Sunday, which is why it didn't happen. I scanned back a couple years and I guess I don't always write about the birth-days.... maybe another time. This is getting long.

So now I'm going to take another 'feel good' pill, and go curl up on the couch with a good book. Until I fall asleep again. After all, I really AM sick. Stay dry, stay well.