Friday, May 19, 2017

It's the little things.....

I had a good Mother's Day. It's not often that I can say that, but this year I can. It was a very good time of year.

The day before Mother's Day I received a package in the mail. It was a sprinkler can full of bulbs that had about 1" growth on them. Barely could see them at first. By Monday they were about 6" high. Yesterday, Thursday, 3 of the bulbs had blooms and a sweet fragrance was in the kitchen. The green is about a foot high now (all in less than a week!!) and there are a few more bulbs getting ready to pop open with flowers. It is beautiful!

So I text'd my son who sent me the flowers a photo of the flowers that have come up already. Here is our conversation:

Still blooming - these give off a
beautiful fragrance!

I'm glad Mothers Day brought
you something you are enjoying
on a daily basis .... looks like
more to bloom yet as well.

I am enjoying them very much -
and yes, several more ready to
bloom. (heart) them! Love you!

heh. Just remember ... and

I won't even say I'm the
favorite....because I don't need
to say it....


Now you know I don't have

Never said I was..... you got two
other kids that believe they are.
I'm just a guy that loves his

(heart) (smiley blow kiss)

Heh. Whatever.

love ya mom

Love you too!

and this morning I got up to...

Iknow. You tell me often

and I'm glad I do. I want all my children to know how dearly I love them. They really don't have a clue... unless they think about how much they love their own children. Then they may have a glimpse of my love for them.

Mother's Day my youngest son and his family came over after church and he grilled steaks and I fixed sides to go with it. Afterwards we watched a movie and it was a really good afternoon. Even hubby didn't have too many complaints. :)

My daughter and her children text'd me.... I think we are getting together for dinner soon. That's what I told her that I wanted. 1:1 time. That's what I tell all my children (and grandchildren). I want memories made. I'm glad her children waited on her for Mother's Day.

Monday I had the holiday continue.... I received another box... only this time it was chocolate dipped cookies! Yes, I have been eating them! And they are the best I've had in a long time - they are soooo good! Again, a gift from the son who sent the flowers - but his note this time blessed me. It said (I'm trying to remember) "sending more love - because I can" or something like that. I am blessed.

I don't have favorites. I don't want favorites. I want to love my children and my grandchildren - and my great-grandchildren uniquely in their own way. They are each a blessing to me. Yes, I get my feelings hurt and feel pushed aside sometimes, but the times my children stop to just say "I love you, mom", I know that I feel truly blessed.

Thank you, Jesus, for the blessings you give me.


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

What does the future hold....

Lots of changes going on in my company. We lost our contract for one population, so my boss will be out of a job within a few months. Normally it would also affect me, but since she is a VP and I'm an executive assistant, they can move me into another department and keep me. (which means neither of us get a severance package) But, she has found another job and will be leaving this company on June 9th. This is a great loss for the company, and I really wish they had found a place for her, but they didn't. They are actually letting her go. She had two opportunities to move into the corporate realm and do other things, but she has chosen to go to the company who did win a contract, and help them set up their new department. Most of that department here will be going with her.

I have been asked numerous times the past month if I am going with her. Even more so since she has officially given her notice. For right now, I say no. I don't know what I'm going to do. I heard that most of the staff will be going to the Mesa area office; but my boss feels she will be going to an office nearby. So I have taken the stance that my answer will probably be 'no', because I don't want to drive numerous more miles to get to work.

Until yesterday when I was talking with a friend who also had accepted a position with this new company and encouraged me to come too. I told him that I didn't want to drive that far.... then he pointed out that the office was only 5 more miles down the freeway. Only 5 more miles? Hmmmmm that may not be bad. So I've gotten to thinking about it - and my boss is all for it. But, we both agree that I am going to wait until she gets started, and then see what is available. At one point we knew there were 3 admin positions open - however, I am a grade level or two above that. Well, that could be just this company. If they would offer me more money to leave and be an admin - I just might do it, for it isn't about the title. Nor about more money. But I can't take much less. It's more working with my boss whom I have worked with for nearly 25 years and love dearly. We are a good fit - and it's hard to make that tight of a connection with your boss/employee.

So for now, I'm just waiting it out. She starts June 12th at her new position. By end of summer, I may be leaving here.... or I may be staying. My boss and I will remain friends and stay in touch so it isn't that. There was about 3 years we didn't work together and we met once a month to walk a few miles then have breakfast together to catch up. If we have to go back to that - we can. By end of summer, maybe I will know what my future will hold as far as employment. I know I have to work; I don't have a choice in that. I may as well do something I enjoy with someone I enjoy working for.

Stay tuned.... life is full of changes.


Wednesday, May 3, 2017

I am so excited....

cause we are going to see our new great-grandbaby this weekend! I have had this yearning within me for several days now to go see her, but other things have been in the way. I found we weren't scheduled for anything at church this weekend but I did have a lunch scheduled on Saturday with a friend. I opted to send my friend an email and ask to move it to next week. I contacted my granddaughter to see if we could come down - and she said hubby was working nights, but we could come down. So it is settled. I emailed my hubby and told him we were going - and that we will talk later. His response was just "ok".

I am so looking forward to even the drive down. I am even willing to take my life in my hands and let hubby drive if he insists. I have felt the need to getaway for a few weeks - just tired of work, and routine. The past two weekends, after church, we have napped, watched a little tv (baseball games) and read. BORING. It's getting too hot to talk hubby into going for a walk.

I'm sitting in a meeting at the moment but we have a couple people who ramble... so while they are talking, thought I would try to get this written. That's the advantage I have of bringing my computer to the meeting. Of course I use it as well to answer emails and set up meetings. And eat. I ordered good food today - we have salad, rolls, fried/baked potatoes (cut up), rosemary chicken, and mmmm lasagna. And cookies for dessert.

And I can't eat most of it. My youngest son has become a distributor for a new program - and although he did not pressure me, I finally told him last week that I would give it a try. He gave me the 24 day challenge pak as a Mother's Day present and he asked me NOT to start it unless I was going to be committed to doing it. I started on Sunday, which means this is day 4. The first three days haven't been too bad.............

Day one - Sunday - I was able to stay on target easily enough. Had hubby grill a bunch of chicken and I prepped some meals for the week.

Day two - Monday. I'm at work. My day starts with a friend bringing me two Grandma cookies. I put them in my boss' and my snack box. Later that morning another friend gave me a chocolate chip cookie from Einsteins. I gave it away. Then a friend brings me a Green Tea - sweetened with high fruclose corn syrup. It's in my desk drawer. At 3:15PM a supervisor came by and offered me birthday cake. I resisted.

Day three - Tuesday. Offered a donut as I came in the door. Had a meeting lunch so only ate the salad and I had brought a piece of grilled chicken so had that with it. Then I'm told there is a potluck in the department by me - but I said no thank you. Then another department came and told me they were having a potluck and for me to come over and get... again I had to say no thank you. Then someone had birthday cake. AGAIN I had to say no thank you.

I have finally started telling people what I am doing so that they will NOT invite me to come eat - although I would be offended if they didn't ask me.... but for now, for these 24 days of challenge, I am really trying hard to be good.

and now we are at Day four. I had my shake this morning and I'm doing good - had a small snack this morning. Now I'm in this catered lunch meeting. The lunch of which I described above. I think I will be cutting back on food for the rest of the day. I don't want to get on the scale until Sunday. I'm trying hard to do this right.

My saying "I should have been born rich instead of just beautiful" still applies. It would be nice to be both. In the meantime...


Sunday, April 30, 2017

This new computer......

is driving me nuts. Of course I have to accept it, as it was a gift. Actually, I don't think it is the computer itself, it is the windows 10 that is on it. I DO NOT LIKE WINDOWS 10! I don't like Cortana or whatever her name is. I don't like the way Microsoft adds programs to my computer that I do not want. It irritates me that it won't stay the same size - I can be working on something and the screen size will change and I can't .... daggone - as I sit here and type - it has totally minimized my print - oh great - now the letters are going up and down! I have no idea what is going on. See what I don't like this windows 10? I loved my windows 7 and could get it to do most everything I wanted. I try not to even get on this computer because I dislike it so much. I wonder if my neighbor would delete windows 10 and add windows 7 for me.... he said that he could one time. I think I will talk with him about it. Oh and I cannot get it to download my photos from my phone - AND the shift key on the right side is one extra key over so I have to be careful whenever I hit it as I end up using the pg up key which is in it's place and my words then jump up on the page.

But on a good note.... my new great-granddaughter is so beautiful and is doing very well, as is my granddaughter. I got a new photo last week. Love it. Can't wait for them to come up so that I can hold her (although I know grandpa and I will be in a fight about it. sigh. I always seem to lose. I was trying to figure out today if there was a way we could go down....
It's Sunday and for some reason when we came home from church we both were exhausted - I think I slept an hour - and I'm pretty sure I woke him up at an hour and a half! Don't know why we both were so tired. We had talked yesterday about going to the home and garden show .... but of course here we sit watching baseball on tv.
Not that any one's life is perfect.

And with that, I've written enough. I still don't like this computer.


Thursday, April 20, 2017

I have fallen in love again......

My great-granddaughter was born last night and she is the most beautiful baby in the world! I have completely fallen in love again. My granddaughter was texting me last night was she was at the hospital and called me around 3:30AM this morning to give me the news. Then daddy posted photos on facebook, and mommy sent me photos - and I just melted. I wanted so bad to post it everywhere and tell everyone.... but I want to be respectful and allow mommy, daddy, and the new grandparents to do that first. At least I could share here at the office and with close friends. I've already told them not to expect a lot out of me here at work today - I'm too busy showing off photos!!

It is now later in the day and it hasn't changed.... I am still so in love with this little girl. She is so beautiful and everyone comments how much she looks like her mama - and of course her mama looks like her mama, who looks like her mama..... What a precious gift God has blessed us with!

We had a bake sale at work today and will have again tomorrow. And, because I always over-do - I made two batches of cranberry pumpkin nut bread (two loaves without nuts) (and put one batch in the freezer)and made 6 - yes, six - key lime pies and brought in today. I checked after today - one whole pie was bought, six slices of the second pie was purchased. There are 4 pies left and since we are having a baked potato bar tomorrow for lunch, I'm sure others will be buying a piece of pie for dessert. Hopefully. There were so many things to choose from today - cookies, oreo balls, pretzels with chocolate drizzle, other pies, cakes of all kinds, cookies - and all the funds go to the Arthritis walk. It's all donation so I don't mind giving things I've made. It makes me feel good, I confess, when people tell me they tried something and really liked it. One asked for the recipe for the key lime pie - which is quite simple as it is a WW recipe.

Saturday is hubby's birthday. I haven't done (yet) what I was planning to do.... still want to do it. Is it possible he would read this within the next two days? I know he rarely reads here anymore - but if I write down what I plan, he will then know - so I will wait. The plan is to go to the buffet place we often go to for family gatherings. I gave him an option of going for pizza instead at our favorite place - but he thought it would be better to go to the buffet. I don't care one way or another - it's just easier to get the family in one place. It is his 80th birthday and we all wanted to celebrate it some way, but he is so sensitive about his age, I didn't know how to go about it. I did devise a way he can get cards, which will be given to him at the dinner.

I wish I could feel safe with his driving, for not this weekend, but maybe the next, I would make a trip down to see our new great granddaughter. But, it's better to just wait for them to make the trip up - and I will have to share my time with others in town. It is what it is, I guess. If he would let me drive, I would plan it out, for sure. Of course I am sure some new grandparents will be making lots of trips down that way to see this new grandchild as well.

And it's about time for me to go home. Trying to get ahold of "Aunt Sue" to take her to dinner tonight (and show photos) but haven't gotten ahold of her yet. Maybe on the way home. She will be so excited too, for she loves our granddaughter as well.

I was so excited this morning without thinking about it, I started to change my profile photo on Facebook, meaning to just make this photo on my phone, but was in Facebook and didn't think about it.... then once I changed it out, I thought to myself I shouldn't change my profile photo to our new baby until the grandparents have a chance to post and share.... so I inserted another photo of me. And finally did get our new great-grandchild posted to my phone so that when I open it up, there she is. I'll wait a little while, then maybe I'll change my profile photo.... but... this is what happens when one gets so excited about someone and wants to be respectful of everyone else... after all.... THEY are the parents, the grandparents..... :-) It's all good.

I need to go home. My day has truly been full of ...


Monday, April 17, 2017

Still waiting....

on our new little great-granddaughter. I heard rumor that if she goes to the doctor today, he may induce her.... but I haven't heard anymore so guess I won't know anymore until later. I know lots of us are ready for her to be born! I watched a video yesterday of our granddaughter doing jumping jacks - what a hoot! Her big belly was bouncing up and down, and it didn't help at all. I know when "the apple is ready, it will fall" time will eventually arrive, but for now, many of us are impatiently waiting.

Yesterday, Easter, was a good day. I spent Friday and Saturday going to three different stores to find lamb. My daughter had requested I fix some type of lamb dish because our grandson's girlfriend has a Greek heritage and they wanted to impress her. So of course I went shopping for lamb. Not only is lamb expensive, but it is hard to find. The second store I found shoulder blade chops and got 4 of them, but got to thinking it may not be enough. So went to a third store and found 1/2 a leg of lamb. I ended up putting the chops in the freezer and cooking the lamb in the crockpot while we were at church.

I think I would have rather roasted it, if we were home, but since we weren't, the crockpot worked. I added spinach as per the instructions, then cooked and added orzo pasta. After mixing it all together, I thought it turned out pretty good. Some of the others ate it and thought it was good, but not all. And that's ok. Lamb has a unique taste. I had also made lemon meringue pie, strawberry pie, and key lime pie - all from scratch. Imagine my disappointment when on Easter they were all "runny" and did not remain gelled. I was soooo disappointed as I had worked hard on making them. The youngest son took the key lime pie home, we took the lemon meringue back home, and I left the strawberry at my daughter's. I think they were going to scrape the strawberries to put in smoothies. Or throw the entire thing away. Can't believe it came out that way. I've made all three before and they came out good. I also made a Greek salad that I thought was pretty good - at least it wasn't runny!!

It was a good day yesterday as all three of my children were there. It was good to sit around the table and just talk about various things. I think we finally got hubby's birthday celebration figured out. One son and his family won't be there because hopefully his granddaughter will finally arrive this week - and he will be with them. So that leaves my daughter and her family, my youngest son and his family. I figure about 10 of us. I still need to get hubby's gift ordered..... he won't get it in time, but I don't know how to order it so need to figure that one out. Or I may just buy something and do this later. yeah, maybe I'll do that.

I'll be leaving work early today. I had forgotten my boss needed a ride to the airport as she has to fly to Corporate for a few days this week. She said that when I leave, I can just be gone for the day. Works for me as I woke up with a horrible headache and nauseated this morning. I took some aspirin this morning before I left home and it dulled the headache, but I'm still fighting the nausea off and on. Drinking some green tea and that seems to help. After I drop her off I think I will go home and take a nap. I have a massage scheduled at 5PM - thought I'd go there on my way home from work, but now it looks like I have time to go home for a short nap and then go. :-)

And, I finally had a piece of chocolate yesterday. Just one, and then what chocolate was on that turtle pie my son brought for dessert. Yum. Maybe that's what triggered my headache? NOT! Still not sure what did it - but something sure did! Maybe it was the dread of having to come back to work!

Regardless, I do need to work and here I am.... so until I have news to share....


Thursday, April 13, 2017

A long weekend ahead......

and I can't wait. I am so distracted with things this morning that I am not able to focus (or want to do) any one thing. Maybe it's boredom, maybe it's just spring fever, or maybe I just don't want to be here today. Whatever it is, I don't want to be here.....

I finished the baby quilt for my brother's new grandbaby yesterday. I discovered that the colors they chose for the nursery contain purple. Not pink. And pink is what I made the quilt. Oh well. I debated on saving this quilt for another baby, and get purple material and do another - but I don't know. Will have to think about it. I love the pink quilt I made for my great granddaughter. No, she hasn't arrived yet. sigh.

I text'd my daughter in law last night and asked how our girl was doing. Some contractions but not enough to go to the hospital with. So everyone continues to wait. We pray every morning that Tamsyn will make her debut soon so that everyone can enjoy her this weekend. Except us, of course, but the immediate family.

I may go get more material this weekend so that I can continue to work on things. I've enjoyed putting the little quilts together. It gives me something to do in the evenings and I'm not wasting my time on facebook or playing WWF - although I do get caught up on my games before I start. Hubby turned on Wheel of Fortune last night. I told him that it reminded me of my parents - every night they would watch Wheel of Fortune. I don't know if he got the message I was sending him or not (I DON'T WANT TO BECOME MY PARENTS!!) but AFTER the show he turned the TV off.

I went to an all day quarterly meeting yesterday with the group of case managers who will be out of jobs come September 30th. It was a really good meeting and people from the company who won the bid was there and gave a slide presentation, answered lots of questions and encouraged the case managers to apply for jobs. I was very impressed with their presentation and I feel that many of the case managers' fear of the unknown was relieved. Many signed up to get applications to submit for the jobs. I did not sign up. My boss laughed at me. I told her that I have a job. IF she gets hired and put in a close by location, I will go with her. BUT, if not, I still have a job. I've been trying to think of ways I could quit this job and all, but it just won't happen. Good thing I'm younger than my spouse, I guess. I am still able and willing to work.

It's beautiful outside and starting to get warm. I am so glad we have tomorrow off work because of Good Friday. Rather, they call it "Spring Holiday". I don't care what they call it - we are closed for the day and we have a 3 day weekend. I am so looking forward to it. Not sure what we will do - nothing we can do really. It messes hubby up when I'm home from work - he doesn't know what to do with himself. It cracks me up, really. It's almost like he feels he has to be doing something because I'm home..... maybe I'll go get some shopping done I need to do....

Guess I need to get busy - have a great weekend.....