Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Health Fair Day!

This post was actually started on Thursday, September 25...

Our company health fair is today. My boss - and about 100+ others - went over to the place we are renting for our health fair and decorated last night. We have teams and are assigned booths to decorate. The theme is 'Passport to Healthy Living' and the booths are given location themes. We have Hollywood, Las Vegas, Mexico, England, Italy (which is ours), a "pampered corner" where one of our members can get clear nail polish put on, and a free haircut. We have Paris, and I can't think of the others. I went over with everyone and helped decorate our Italy booth. We had a lot of fun and we feel it really looks nice. Our colors were of Italy, of course - Green, White, Red. We draped plastic green, white, red tablecloths in the corners, hung up posters of Italy - including Sophia Loren. It was a fun time and in no time at all we had it completed. Oh - and I got to have my photo taken with John Wayne. It's on a friend's camera so will have to wait to show it. I think that was in the Hollywood booth.

I tried to send some photos to my email here at work so that I could post a couple photos here - but it won't accept. Guess I need to download the photos at home and add later.

My boss has to attend a conference today nearby and asked that if I wanted to go with her. Duh. Sit in office and work or sit at a table and give out freebies at a conference. Easy choice for me. I like interacting with others.

Just found this in draft form - must have gotten interrupted last week when we did the health fair. I did go to the conference with my boss and "man the table" with her. It was fun. From there we went to the health fair and hung around until the end, tearing down our Italy booth. We didn't win a prize, but that's ok. It was fun working as a team to pull it together. Which booth won first place? Pets on Wheels. It's a company that has people bring pets to meet with the elderly and are gentle enough that they can be petted (the animals, not the people). Their booth was fixed up as a petting zoo. Cute.

Ok - already did one blog and now it's time for work. Have a great one!


Can't win if you don't play..... and other thoughts...

Just read my son's blog in which he shared his daydream about winning the lottery. Seems we both have the same "problem" - we can't win if we don't play. I must admit, though, lately I have been tempted to play! Not that I would win the 'big one', but the hopes of winning something. I think that is what drives most people to buy a lottery ticket - times are tough, money is short, and life is a struggle. "If we could just win enough to pay the bills this month, that would help so much." I can see us thinking that. Or that our family members are struggling and we long to help them but just can't the way finances are now. I've often thought how I would buy each one of the children a house (or pay one off if they are buying one and didn't want to move) and buy them a new vehicle, and then give them money in the bank. Just to help them out. But, since I don't play the lottery, it's all just thinking about it.

Now I don't mind working. In fact, I have a really cool boss and I work for a good company. If I won the lottery I would probably continue to work just for the enjoyment of being with other people. Unless I decided to volunteer my time somewhere. I could do that as well. Wouldn't that be fun - not having to worry about money to pay the bills and just volunteer one's time to serve other people. Wish I could get to that point. Other people have the time, but just not the gumption to do it. If people who had time on their hands would volunteer and help people, this world would certainly be a better place.

I overheard someone make a comment about someone here at work yesterday. It surprised me to hear it. I mean, it wasn't necessarily a bad comment.... it was a true statement about her work (that she just did it and didn't care how it turned out, basically) but it surprised me to hear it from the one who said it, and it came to mind this morning as I read in Proverbs 30 -

"Never slander a worker to the employer,
or the person will curse you, and you will pay for it."

I reckon that could be for anyone - but it came to mind, and I will share it with that person some time today.

Well, it's about time to get to work and I don't have much to say today. Got a lot on my mind and a lot to get done. Hope you have a great day.

"And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, so that you may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless for the day of Christ," Philippians 1:9-10 NIV


Friday, September 26, 2014

The Week is FINALLY Over!

Yesterday was an entirely different day for me - I got to do something I haven't done before - man the table at a conference. I thought we'd be put out in a hallway and just be available between sessions, but we were placed at the back of the room. The first part of the session was very good and even I learned some things as although the talk was towards CNAs, medical assistants, RNs, etc and how to not put labels on yourself (butt-wiper, etc) but to be proud of the profession you are in. It can really be applied to any profession. I told my boss (who was with me) that I know many times I've said "I'm 'just' the Admin." But actually, I am much more than that. I am my boss's right hand. I make her look good. And that's my job. I need to quit thinking I'm 'just' the admin and be focused on what it entails. The other sessions were not quite as interesting and we stayed through lunch (which was very good, by the way) and to the second break. We packed up and left then - heading over the health fair.

If it wasn't for the conference, we probably would have been at the health fair. There will be a lot of very tired people coming in today, I'm sure. I am tired and I only spent an hour there! We tore down our booth and packed everything up before we left, stopping by the office to put it away. I am going to try to post a couple photos of our booth area.

Hmmmm, I'm not computer minded - and it won't allow me to copy (at least here on my office computer) to the blog. You will just have to use your imagination. Grape vines across the top of the booth with grapes hanging down, photos of Italy on the walls, the Italian flag, Green, White and Red plastic tablecloths hanging in the corner. We had a table in each booth that contained either a bottle of wine and two glasses and fruit, or pasta and a candle ... it really looked nice. We didn't win - go figure - the "Pets on Wheels" booth won. Real pets that the members could pet and love on. All were well behaved (the pets and the members). I was told by one of the directors that when the members saw the dogs (even Marmaduke was there!!) their faces lit up with joy. Many can not have pets where they live.

Overall, it was an awesome day at the fair and a good conference. Which means, with my being out of the office all day yesterday, nothing got done. Which means, I have lots of work to do. Best part, no meetings until next Thursday so I have time to work on my minutes - unless something else comes up.

Today would have been my mother's 96th birthday had she lived. She died September 2, 2004. It's interesting, all the things that have happened since she passed away. Some good, some bad. The family has totally gone their own way. I guess Mother was the central point for most gatherings - it depended who was mad at whom on who was there. I guess it was the past ten years that I went back on her birthday to celebrate - can't remember now. I have no regrets, other than I didn't spend more time with her when I was there. Isn't that the way it usually is? My sister and I would take off and spend time together, doing things, going places, and only running over to visit mother a few times throughout that week. Except a year or so before she died I went back and stayed a week with mother. It was a good week and mother shared a lot of things with me. I wish I had taken the time to have more of those times. It was good.

Things are much different than they were when I was growing up. Staying involved with families was much more important. But, attitudes, words, and actions separate the best of friends. We all have tended to go our own way. And that isn't always a bad thing. I've been away from Indiana since 1982 so have my own life here. It stands to reason that my attitudes and actions would be different than other family members. I've made my home here and it is good. Life hasn't always been good, or easy, but it is my life.

I love where I am. I love the memories my children, my husband and I, have made. I love the fun times with grandchildren. Which reminds me, and makes me smile.... I stopped to see my middle child's family for a moment the other night and the youngest one told me it was time for us to get together and do something - like bake cookies.

And I agree. It's about time. Christmas will be here soon, but it just might be time to do a 'trial run'.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Part Work, Part Play today.....

What do I mean? Well, I have to work for the most part of the day, but we (my boss and I, and many others) are cutting out at 3PM and heading over to where our company is having the member health fair. We have 25 booths, I think, set up in this building and we are to decorate them in a travel theme, which was assigned. My "team" has Italy, and we have had a lot of fun putting it together. I've always wanted to see Italy - I love the Tuscany countryside (I know, too much Under the Tuscan Sun watching). I'll probably never go - but still, I love the beauty of the countryside - which probably would not be real if I did go.

Anyway - we will be decorating our booth in an Italian theme. We have lots of posters (and of course had to have one of Sophia Loren) of Italy and Red, Green, and White items, Flags, etc. We have a wine bottle with a candle, pasta to set out, decorations of all sorts. We get to decorate tonight from 4-7PM. The health fair is tomorrow and we are hoping for 200 of our members to attend - I think last count was 182. We won't be spending the day or working at the health fair tomorrow, but will be running over there in the afternoon to check on how it is going. My boss and I are staying here at the office during the day to get work done. But we do have to go back over about 4-ish to tear down and put things away from our booth.

Interruptions this morning! This is all I have I guess for it's already after 8AM and I need to get to work - got to get SOMETHING done today! But I got to wear jeans and tennis shoes so I'm comfortable!

Ok - I just have to tell you a funny - at least I laugh every time I think about it. Our restrooms are in the process of being remodeled in this building. When the one side of our building was FINALLY completed, but wasn't approved yet to open up, one of the directors and I decided to do a quick look to see what they looked like. They took it from three stalls to two stalls so they could make one a handicap one. (and to think there are lots more women on this floor and only two stalls at each end of the floor? Who designed this - a man?)

Anyway - we checked out the women's restroom and then decided, since it wasn't open yet, to peek inside the men's restroom. We walked in and looked around, and the next thing I knew, the director had walked up to a urinal and was standing there in front of it. I looked at her very quizically (is that a word?) - and she says, "I always wondered what that felt like."

You almost had to pick me up off the floor. That happened maybe a month ago - yesterday I walked by her office and I paused and said, "you know, every time I walk past the rest room I think..." and she and I both burst out laughing until tears were falling down our face. She was laughing about the look on my face when she did that - and I was laughing about what she had done and said.

Ok - hope that brought a smile. I still think it is so funny.

Have a great day!


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Another Tuesday morning.....

It is a beautiful Tuesday morning here in Phoenix, AZ today! Of course I left before 6AM to get to work this morning but the sun hadn't risen yet and in the darkness there was a nice coolness in the air. It was nice driving into work as the traffic was about half of what I normally have to deal with - ten minutes later! I got to work in about 30 minutes today - have a full schedule and lots to get done so needed to get in early. I've already sent out two reports, found directions for one of our outside doctors to find his way here for a meeting today, and made coffee, got water for the director, vice president and myself.

Just got a chuckle. The outside doctor (doesn't work for our company but is contracted to attend meetings, etc.) just sent me an email that he received the directions and commented he needs a lot of help. I can't wait to meet him - he is a retired pediatrician, I think. About a month ago I contacted him to set up this meeting, and he told me then that his day planner, organizer, direction finder, calendar, companion, .... yeah, you know where I'm going with this.... his wife died several months ago. We've talked since then and he told me how much he misses her, even after several months, and that she always considered it her job to take care of him, and she did it so well, he is nearly helpless without her. What a testimony of love and friendship after 52 years of marriage. I can't wait to meet him - which I will today. The other outside doctor that is coming in to the office I worked with at my previous company - also a retired pediatrician. It has always been good to see him and he is involved in several meetings here so I see him at least once a month.

I've discovered through these two pediatricians that they have a rare sense of humor. I guess it is necessary to keep the children engaged when they were in practice. Both of these men make me laugh and look forward to seeing them.

I haev a full schedule with two big meetings today and still about 7 sets of minutes to type up. I no sooner get one done and I have another meeting to attend and there is another set of minutes to type up. I've got to get focused on them. Looking at my calendar, I don't have any more scheduled meetings after today - through the end of the month - maybe I can get them caught up. I hope so - next month is another full month of meetings!

Looks like I need to get busy - emails to do things are already coming in- hope you have a great day. No time for stories.


Saturday, September 20, 2014

Home Alone..... with just Marley....

I'm loving the quiet this morning, rather, just the sound of the clock ticking and the sound of my fingers on the keyboard. Marley is lying on the floor in the front room, asleep with eyes open, I'm sure. She watches out for me, to see if I am going to move. Or if anyone comes around. She is such a silly dog. Many days I come home from work and she doesn't bark, but comes running to the door to see me. Other days she comes flying at me, barking loudly as if she didn't know I was there. Sometimes when she is lying on her bed and I walk down the hall and she isn't expecting it - she gets her bark on too. At least we THINK she will bark if a stranger came around unexpectedly. She doesn't bark at the children or grandchildren when they come over - she just jumps on them, pees on the floor, and tries to lick them to death. We keep hoping she will stop the peeing on the floor and jumping part, but since we rarely have visitors, she doesn't remember, and hubby yelling at her to get down doesn't help - in my opinion. Once they are here for awhile, Marley treats them like 'one of the family' and just follows them around.

Hubby is at a men's retreat at church for most of the day. And I can't decide what I want to do. I've done my quiet time, fed Marley and myself, and now here I sit. I do need to run to the drugstore but other than that, no real plans. I COULD clean my room, get on the treadmill, (too warm to take Marley for a walk), exercise, read, sew, cook, bake, well, I guess I could do just about anything. So many choices of things I like to do when I'm alone.

Or I could find someone to make plans for lunch; go shopping, do fun stuff. But for right now, I'm not wanting to make a decision. At least I am out of my pajamas and into clothes. I did progress that far.

I read in my quiet time this morning about the woman who went to Simon's house and anointed Jesus' feet with her tears, and wiped them away with her hair. Simon was bent out of shape because he thought to himself, 'if Jesus only knew what kind of woman she was, He wouldn't allow this'. But Jesus knew his thoughts so told him a story. You can read it for yourself in Luke 7:39-48.

Two men owed money to a moneylender. One owed much, the other only a little, but neither had the money to pay what he owed, so the moneylender canceled the debts of both. Then Jesus asked Simon to summarize which debtor loved the moneylender most. The answer was obvious, but Simon's words "I suppose" revealed his reluctance to acknowledge it. After Simon pinpointed the one with the bigger debt canceled, Christ said, "You have judged correctly". Interestingly, Simon had been judging throughout the whole ordeal. It was just the first time he had judged correctly.

Christ then brought the story to life. He compared the way Simon and the sinful woman had responded to Him. All three times Christ's description of Simon's actions began with the unsettling words, "You did not." How poignant. One of the surest signs of an ancient - or modern-day - "Pharisee" is a life characterized far more by what he or she does not do than what he or she does.

I love how Beth Moore ends her interpretation of the story - "No, Simon. You did not sleep around. You did not take bribes. You did not externalize your depravity. But as well, you did not give Me any water for My feet. You did not give Me a kiss. You did not put oil on My head. You did not see yourself as a sinner, and you did not receive My gift of grace - but she did."

He packs the punch into the living parable in verse 47. "Therefore, I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven - for she loved much. But he who has been forgiven little loves little." Not because that's the way it has to be, but because that's the reality of our human tendency.

I feel so many times we make small our many sins, telling ourselves that they aren't big enough to worry about. But they are. Even the smallest white lie. Even the thought that filters through our mind when we see someone that we know something about, or watch others at the mall and criticize them in our mind. We are all guilty of those things. When we confess them, we are forgiven.

I know I have been forgiven much, for I had (and have) much that need forgiven. I thank God that He doesn't give up on me. Even when I fall flat on my face, He is there for me, to help me see what I have done through His eyes, and forgive me, and set me on the right path (once I confess it to Him). Others may not forgive as easily, but He forgives - and forgets - never to bring up again.

If you are continuously reminded of your sin - and you have confessed it and been forgiven - it isn't God who brings it constantly to your mind. It is the devil trying to make you feel you haven't been forgiven. The devil wants to keep you down, keep you in sin, keep you under his feet.

But Jesus Christ went to the cross for you, and for me. He died on that cross, taking all our sins with Him. And He rose again, giving us eternal life with Him. It's all about Jesus. God, who became man, so that He could die for our sins, as the lambs were sacrificed and their blood shed for the sins of old, His blood was shed for us on the cross. His blood covers us, and we are redeemed and set free. Hallelujah.

Are you Simon - or the forgiven woman?


Friday, September 19, 2014

It's Friday!!

It has been an interesting and long week. Sorta kinda. I had high hopes of working from home a couple days - and didn't cause it didn't rain - but of course I could, but I felt I needed to come in as I had a couple meetings I needed to attend. And then there is today - I could have worked from home today - Friday - but there is a lunch meeting to which I am invited to. It isn't one of "my" meetings so I don't have to take minutes, but I get to go and attend. Months ago Compliance sent out an email if anyone wanted to join this meeting - and, being the nosey person I am, I thought Why Not? So I responded I wanted to. The first meeting I had no idea why I was invited to it as I had forgotten months earlier I had responded I wanted to attend.

But now I do know, and I got my binder (complete with my name on it) for today's meeting. I could have still stayed home and called in - but hey, Compliance orders really, really good lunches most of the time. I think last time was pizza and salad and spaghetti and meatballs - but the time before that was chicken picata, salads, and I can't remember what else was there. I'm hoping for a BAD lunch today cause I am on this weight loss challenge and I don't want to give in and indulge too much. Pizza I will bypass and just eat salad. But the other - well, I'll just have to wait and see. The menu could be anything. The killer will be dessert - it's usually brownies, or cookies, or something else really, really good. So, I came to work to go to the meeting so that I could have good food. :-) Is there a better reason? LOL Seriously, it is always good to know what the company is doing so I enjoy hearing someone else talk and know that someone else has prepared the binders! And I didn't have to pack a lunch.

Speaking of weight loss challenge, I've done pretty good all week and anticipate at least a couple pounds lost - providing I can hold on to reality over the weekend. Last night I had dinner with one of my daughters-in-law and we went to Sweet Tomatoes. I think I did pretty good. I limited myself to one plate of salad and stuck to lettuce and things that go on it. Then a half bowl of really, really good tomato soup. And of course I had to have a few slices of the foccicha (Sp) bread - you know which kind I mean. It's the ones they cut in a 1"x2" piece next to the pizza. Yeah, them. Oh so good. And I had a baked sweet potato with nothing on it. And the killer was..... a small bowl of ice cream with caramel and chocolate and nuts. Still, I left feeling 'satisfied' and not 'stuffed' as I usually am. It was a nice time and good conversation.

My beloved pastor is in town this weekend for the church's men's conference. I'm pretty sure EVERYONE wants a piece of his time so I haven't asked for any. He is speaking at church on Sunday so I will get to see him then - and am so looking forward to seeing him, and hearing him speak again. He really spoiled me as far as other pastors. I know he had some faults, but what I saw was a man who was truly a servant to others, and just showed love, no matter what. To me, he was a great example of what a pastor/shepherd should be. I struggle with other pastors because of his example. Although the pastors at this one church we have been going to with our daughter really show love and friendship when we have met a couple of them. I love their interaction with us even though they don't know us beyond seeing us in the crowd.

Kind of like Jesus, I think. He always walked through the crowds and looked people in the eye. He had compassion, love, and care for each one. I miss that in some of our pastors. They may say hello to you, but they are looking around to see who else they need to go speak to. Rarely eye contact and will not let you get close to them. I miss that.

Wow - where does the time go! Looks like it's 8AM and I need to get off this and busy with work. Hope you have a great weekend.