Friday, January 19, 2018

Finally Friday

It's been a long week. Well, not really, but it seems to be since both my bosses here in town are both out of town. And it is soooo quiet. Which is why I have had time to get a lot of things done. Not that I have had a lot to do. I enjoy the quiet, and appreciate being able to focus and complete tasks, but I miss the interaction. One will be gone for another two - three weeks for business in another city. One will be back on Tuesday.

I heard something on the news the other day that when you wash your hair, you should put the conditioner on it first - rinse, THEN put the shampoo and wash your hair. Interesting. Well, you know that I had to just check that out. I've done it a couple times now - and I can't believe how soft my hair is. Haven't figured out yet how that works. I also heard a few weeks back - again on the radio (and you know if you hear it there it is truth!) that you should only wash your hair every 5-7 days. Me, who washed my hair nearly every day, it was a welcome sound. My hair has gotten much longer than I used to wear it and it is very time-consuming trying to dry it every morning. So, I have gotten to where I only wash it about every 5 days. And you know what - it works out fine - and it works out great for me and saves me time in the morning getting ready for work!

Our 14 day fast is nearly to an end. We usually do a 21 day fast the first of the year, but our new church is only doing a 14 day fast, and then committing to fasting on Wednesdays for the next 3 months. We've done "ok" on the 14 days - we stuck to fruits and vegetables - but it has been difficult. Yesterday for lunch I had a baked potato with broccoli, onions, and jalapenos to give it flavor. I wanted sour cream and butter!! But I resisted. We are at least eating something - in spite of a lot of complaining by some other. Ever had meatless taco soup? Meatless chili? It really isn't bad. I'm not big on meat, but don't believe I could become a vegan! I like my chicken and fish! I'm not too big on beef or pork, but can - and do - eat them.

The church is ending the fast on Sunday morning after church with a potluck. Hubby and I were joking around about what I should bring - of the three people who signed up to bring something before I did, only put cupcakes or cookies! We finally decided that I will bring "garbage" - which is what I put on the list - and has people wondering what that is! Sooooo good! I'll cook it up Sunday morning before we head to church - it should keep warm. I commented I could also bring deviled eggs and two of the women looked at each other and said, well, so and so usually brings them. So, I responded with 'no problem, I won't bring them'. They immediately said, 'no, PLEASE bring them!'. LOL Made me wonder what these other deviled eggs taste like!

Want to start having people over for dinner on the weekends. I miss having my children and grandchildren around - for some it is months before I see them. Now that we left our other church, I won't see my daughter-in-law or those that attend with her on an occasional Sunday. If I don't put forth the effort to see them, it would be a long time in between. And that grieves my heart. I need to plan at least one family a weekend.... will have to work on that. My children and grandchildren keep me alive. As they age, they will understand that statement.

Reckon I need to get busy and get some things done. May your day always be a


Thursday, January 18, 2018

First of Year doctor visits...

I intensely dislike going to the doctor. Not that there is anything wrong with me - my recent doctor visit and lab tests prove that. But it is my yearly check-up and I'm always glad to hear good results. He WAS quite pleased to see I have lost weight - 10 pounds! - since my last visit with him. Actually I have now lost 17 pounds, but he didn't know I had gone up so much. But, I'm working on it, tracking what I eat and trying to be "good".

Yes, my test results were excellent and I'm pleased with that. I just go in and tell him I'm healthy. We argue all the time about cholesterol - I refuse to take the statins. Well, I may take them a few weeks - then I quit. I have read too much about what they do to your body - and I don't want to - as I age - have to take pills to offset the side effects of what the statins have done. My total cholesterol this time was only 202 - which is "high" according to the limit - however, both my LDL and my HDL were in the right range. So now what does he want? He wants my bad cholesterol down about 20 notches. He says my cholesterol is 'heredity' - like, just because the majority of my family has it I do? Grumble.

My BP DID go down - he contributed it to the weight loss. Ok, I'll take it. It was 128/80 and now it's 118/70. Guess I will keep drinking my green tea and watch the food I eat. At least by keeping my weight and the other tests good I can avoid my confrontations with him. Which I understand he is only trying to keep me healthy - "preventive testing" he calls it. I take my thyroid pill because I have no control over that. I will fight on everything else.

Heaven help me if I should ever get really sick. Now I do take antibotics as needed so it isn't that. I just don't want the statins.

And now since I put him off the last two years and grumbled so much.... he is pushing me to go see the gastrointestinal doctor to get the colonoscopy done. I keep telling him I did it 7 years ago - so why do I have to go back!! I truly truly truly hate that test. Actually, it's the preparation. I dread it. But, like a good patient, I did make the appointment - and nearly have to start over with an office visit because it has been 7 years. I am expecting good results - again. I think that is the last test this year. Already got the mammogram. Dexa test (bone-scan) I talked him out of until next year. See, I'm really not a good patient. I just don't like all the personal invasion of my body.

Dentist visit is at the end of this month. That is another one I do not like. I stall on these appointments for as long as I can. AND I don't like it that my insurance doesn't pay for everything like they used to years ago. NOW my "new" insurance (which is actually much better than the previous insurance) - if I go to a contracted doctor, I have a smaller co-pay. Unfortunately, it is still $ out of the pocket. $160 to my family doctor for the physical that wasn't paid, $105 to my eye specialist because I had some vision issues in one eye (he wants me to get an U/S of my carotid but admits he has no clue what the vision problem was - so will check it out later) And that's just this month. Oh well - at least I know I only have to go a few times a year to the doctor - have to have that prescription rewritten periodically.

I keep wanting to start doing walks - but just haven't gotten into a regular routine yet. A friend here at work and I started walking a couple weeks ago - but she came down with the flu - so we have put it off until she is better. Of course I COULD get up and go by myself. I have done that before - but just haven't...

And now I'm rambling. Think I will go fix a cup of green tea and get back to work. Hope your day is a ....


Monday, January 15, 2018

Getting frustrated....

Ugh = I have tried for a couple hours today to get my work emails to me on my home computer via citrix receiver. For some reason, citrix doesn't like my email address. I'll ask a coworker when she comes in on Wednesday to see if she can figure it out. I even tried getting VPN on my work computer and had trouble and couldn't get online. Of course tonight I have even more issues.... our internet - Century Link - is terrible. It is constantly intermittent and even though I have this blog up at the moment, my ipad can not get internet to it, and on some things, my phone can't. At first I couldn't get up on my laptop either. Would be nice to have internet that was consistent. This has always been an ongoing issue for years. Change? Can't. If we switch to Cox, they charge a deposit - and I wouldn't anyway. When my daughter had leukemia we had Cox. Then we dropped it for some reason for about 3 months, then came back to it. They told me no deposit was required. After a few months they decided that I should pay a $300 deposit. I reminded them that they said I didn't have to. They started billing. I would send it back with a note, call them, get names, and agreements to not worry about it, and made sure my bill was paid timely. Then came that fateful day when Cox turned off our home phone line. No warning. I called Cox and was told that in spite of all the notes in the system, in spite of being told we didn't have to pay a deposit because we had a 3 month break in service, they turned my phone off. The only way I could get it turned back on was to pay a $300 deposit and it could take 2-3 days to get it done. Blackmail, you think? I was so angry because my daughter was in the hospital with leukemia and I needed a phone in case the hospital had to contact us, and they were only worried about blackmailing me for $300 deposit. I hung up and called Century Link. Yes, we had to change our telephone number that we had had several years, but they had us set up and ready for service within 20 minutes or so. Without a deposit. We have been with Century Link ever since. I still don't like their service, but they did step up to the plate when I needed them. I would never recommend Cox.

Whew. It's been awhile since I thought about all that stuff. The internet service is really crappy tonight and stirred it all up. That, and I started typing in here - where it is pretty much safe. What I say here... well, I don't know if it stays here or not, but I like using this to voice my thoughts.

I can't believe it is only 7:15PM and I'm already yawning and wanting to go to bed. Must be this weather. It's cool in the evenings and I sleep well when it's cool. But I have to be warm. Like, a few covers warm. But when my core temperature starts getting hot, those covers are thrown off! Gotta keep the legs cool or can't sleep.

Pray tell, how can my internet service be one dot..... when I am twenty feet away from our modem? sigh. Guess I'll get off and try to work on some things.

I wish my son would start writing in his blog again... I enjoy reading his stories. That's it - he can write his short stories! hint hint


Monday, January 8, 2018

Only 8 days in....

It seems like this year is moving along much slower than last year - which is a good thing, for last year seemed to have zipped on by. Today is January 8.... maybe I'm just moving at a slower pace? And that could be a good thing as well.

Although I did attempt a one mile run - ok, I ended up walking a lot, and running a little, on Saturday to get a base time. I paid dearly for it ever since. By Saturday evening my thighs were burning. Geez - when did I get so out of shape? Oh, yeah. I haven't even walked forever. But I did the one mile walk/run in about 14:10 according to my granddaughter, and 14:30 per my daughter. I accidently hit the wrong button on my stopwatch and didn't see it before it cleared. It was just a fun thing that took - 15 minutes of my time for Saturday. I'm hoping to get encouraged to start walking my 10,000 steps a day again.

Oh yeah, I just remembered, my sister DID challenge me to a 'workweek hustle' this week. Starting today, in fact. I suppose I should get up and go for a quick walk to get some steps in, cause if I don't, I will have to get on my treadmill tonight - for I will NOT let her beat me. Although, the last time I challenged her and got 25,000 steps in one day.... I developed plantar fascitis - of course that was my own doing cause I did part on the treadmill..... barefoot. Not a wise move. But my feet are much, much better now and don't cause me problems in that area.

My boss's dad had a TIA this weekend. She's here today because her brother is there and is POA and able to take care of him. Looks like they may be moving him to another brother's location in Utah (from the Pocono Mountains) cause he needs to be watched over. Another reality check of the passing of life, although he is alive and doing ok, he will never be able to live on his own again as dementia has also set in with other medical issues.

Which reminds me of my dear Aunt Sue. She has been placed in a group home not far from me. I've been over once.... and cried for the rest of the day. I meant to go back yesterday - and totally forgot until it was too late to go. Need to get over there sometime this week. Hopefully I won't sit there and cry like I did last time. The shock of her appearance within a 3 week time period threw me for a loop. I miss the 'old' Aunt Sue.

Started our 14-21 day fast yesterday. We are both doing fruits and vegetables. Although he is drinking protein shakes in the mornings. Hopefully we will make it without cheating the 14 days. Originally it was 21 days, but the pastor changed it to 14 days... which can be a good thing.

Need to get busy - travel arrangements to make. Hope your year is starting out good.


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

And it is a new year...

January 2nd and I'm back at work. It was nice having yesterday off - New Years Day - cause there were some people that did NOT have the day off. It was an interesting day. We didn't get invited anywhere, and since no one had contacted me about plans, I didn't make any. I did, however, cooked up a couple packages of ribs - there were a lot more in the packages than I thought there was! Gave some to our neighbor who had actually asked for some!

It was pretty quiet around our place New Years Eve and New Years Day. We didn't go anywhere and didn't do anything special. I actually got some sewing done on a wall hanging. It was going to be given to someone this Christmas, but I didn't get it done. Figured I may as well keep working on it and finish it - and then pack it away for a gift next year. Don't know who would want a wall-hanging of Santa Claus, though.

We did get our Christmas tree taken down and the decorations put away. Of course we didn't have that much out this year. While sitting on the sofa last night, I did see a Santa picture I hadn't taken off the wall yet. I will do that soon. It was just an odd holiday this year in some respects. I didn't bake as much - and it really didn't matter. I still have bread in the freezer, which I have usually given all away. I don't think I even made cookies on my own this year - although I did get to have 4 groups of the grandchildren over to bake their cookies and make Christmas mice. Oh well, I don't need the cookies anyway!

Still working on my weight loss journey and am down about 12 pounds now. I think I've gained a pound or two this past week, but overall, getting back on track will help it to continue to drop. Giving up my breads, crackers (carbs mainly) as much as I can - although I did make potato soup this weekend, and split pea soup - and then it dawned on me about the carbs. We did make a meal of both but then I gave away to neighbor. Good thing they like my cooking. We even have a waiter at Fast Eddies who likes my cooking. LOL He wanted some ham and garbage (from Christmas) so we took him a little - he's single, an older man who doesn't cook. He has gone on and on about the food - cracked me up. I think hubby was going to take him some ribs today.

And I need to get back to work. It's really a quiet and slow day. Again. But I'm not complaining! I like these slow and quiet days! Hoping your new year is a blessing.


Wednesday, December 27, 2017

And.... it's gone....

Yep. Christmas has come and went already. Things are getting semi back to normal around here at work and at home. Work has already been interesting. First day back was yesterday..... and the woman I had mentioned in my last post.... well, she showed up yesterday, and after a short time, "resigned" and was escorted out with her personal things. I can't help but feel sorry for her for I'm sure she doesn't realize what had just happened. Her husband just got out of the hospital and I understand from others is quite the controlling bully. He wants to move back to the Philippines, so if she doesn't have a job, he will force her to go back. But, she is gone, and some of her duties have been divided up between me and one other person. I get the medical directors, which is a given.

Christmas was so good for me. I love so much being around family and was surprised at all the gifts I received - especially the special gifts I received from my boys. One granddaughter made me a beautiful top, and another sewed an apron for me - her first project! I received a new coffee pot I plan to bring in to work for my coffee - the coffee in the breakroom is terrible and I refuse to pay out $$ for a cup of coffee. I received a beautiful open heart diamond necklace. I received a lot of clothes from my hubby, which I needed, and a beautiful necklace. My daughter gave me a very warm, soft, sweater with a hoodie which I'm wearing all the time cause it feels so good. I even got an Amazon Tap this year - which I am having fun with. With not being home during the day, all I say to her is "Alexa, what is the weather outside?" and Alexa will answer, "In Phoenix the current temperature is.... and for today it will be a high of .... and ..... skies." I need to figure out more how to use it. I had her playing Christmas music on Christmas. So nice. I received a 'sling' for it yesterday which tells me that it is portable. Sounds like I can bring it with me wherever I go. But I hate to bring it here for I'm afraid I will forget it. People who have them say they love them - when you run out of something, you ask Alexa to put it on a grocery list. Is there a chance that I won't have an excuse to forget what I've run out of?

My neighbor gave me a bread maker. Which is nice, except we really (ok, me) don't eat that much bread anymore. So I need to get yeast and then make her a loaf every few weeks of something nice. Maybe cinnamon raisin or something. Let her know I am using it. My middle child gave me one years and years ago and I used it a lot. Then we quit using it and since no one in the family wanted it, I gave it away. At least this one isn't 'new' - it was her mother's, but she wanted me to have it.

I loved, loved, loved having all the grandchildren around throughout Christmas Eve and Christmas day. It was so fun to see our new little great-princess. What a joy she is! I had a theme for that family - we now all have 'saurus' t-shirts - ranging from Great Grandparents, to Grandparents, to Uncles, to Mommy and Daddy, and last of all, our little Baby Saurus. I was checking everywhere for a black t-shirt and the smallest I could find was a size 2. Then to order the decal so that I could sew/iron it on. Then paint 'Baby Saurus' on the t-shirt. Not perfect, but rewarding.

Came back to work yesterday, today, taking a sick day tomorrow so that I can get my physical in before the end of the year. Then all the lab work. Decided I didn't want to come down in for just a few hours. Maybe I can get our Christmas stuff put away. Or not. I hope to have the last two grandsons over to bake tomorrow night, but as one wasn't feeling well on Christmas, hubby doesn't want them over unless he is over it. I may have to delay a night or two... but then they are going back home so I do want to have them over before they leave.

And I need to get back to work. Just thought I would take the time to catch up on my writing. Trying to write a bit more often, but once work picks up, I may not be able to. I usually don't get on the computer at home - I need to clean up my clutter and get the computer set up so that I can. Always something! But for now - sending you


Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Sometimes meetings with food....

isn't so good. Or rather, good for me. I have eaten wayyy tooo muuuchhhh this week!! In fact, after lunch today, I have emailed hubby that I don't want dinner tonight! But - the food is soooo good and I didn't have to cook it! Tell me if you would turn this down - baked ham, baked chicken, pasta, mashed potatoes and gravy, grilled broccoli and steamed zucchini, and I can't think of what else, but I didn't get dessert! And I don't usually do gravy! But had a bit of everything else. And it was very good. But now I need a nap!

One of my co-workers called in today. Again. I think she was already on shaky ground, but she called me and said she was going to put in for FMLA. She will use up her vacation time, her sick time, and then I almost would not be afraid to think she would request short term disability. Her time for FMLA is for her husband who was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia yesterday, but she told me he was doing much better now. She has had some medical problems to where she gets lost coming to work. Oh yeah, that's another story! Last week she ended up 20+ miles away - we thought we would have to go get her - but was able to direct her back this way. She is from the Philippines originally.... been here about 13 years I think - but her husband wants to go back to the Philippines and she doesn't want to. Not sure how that is going to end up.

So my work load is going to increase some - and that's ok. Most days I don't have that much to do anymore. For example, here I am typing this in the middle of the day....

I'm done with Christmas shopping. At some point I have to just say 'enough'! Gifts for different ones are not equal - but it is what it is. What can I say. I've spent a lot more than I meant to. I plan to open up a separate savings account and put money in it each month and save so that I can not skip a beat with my shopping next year. That's the plan, anyway.

Been struggling with tingling in my upper back and my neck hurting - to where occasionally I get a chill. Not sure what is going on there. Got hubby to put pain cream on my neck last night and I took a pain pill - slept good - and although it bothers me some today, it isn't too bad. I have too much to get done to sit on the sidelines.

I actually got some pickles made last night - not as much as I wanted to, but got a few jars made. It's my boss' fault - she asked for pickles. I have to make salsa tonight cause she asked for salsa too. Those two things are staples that I always give her - and she uses them in her gatherings at her house. Everyone loves them. :-) Which makes me feel good. I enjoy making them, and having them ready to give away.

Now I need to find something to do so will get off here. Hope you are getting everything done that you want to. And in every little thing, may you find -