Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Saying prayers....

Every morning I say my prayers. Well, not always verbally, but sometimes in my mind, sometimes writing them out in my journal, sometimes in silence I just yield to what and how the Spirit leads me.

Many times my prayers are for healing of others, or even myself. Sometimes it is just to help me through another day. Or to bring blessings of financial rescue for someone in need. Or for a job for someone. Sometimes my prayers are just prayers of praise and blessings to God.

And it all depends on what is going on. Sometimes it is all of these - blended together in prayers that plead the blood of Jesus over those I care for, that they will feel the Presence of God and know that they are in His hands.

Have you ever driven down the road and felt you were not alone, yet you were? Could it be that someone has prayed for you, that Jesus would be with you as you go to work, go to the store, or wherever you are going?

What if you paused in your thinking at that moment, and talked with Him? What if you shared what was on your mind, on your heart?

What if you just told Him that you need some guidance, some wisdom, cause you just don't know what to do?

What if you just told Him that you know you have strayed from Him, and would like to find your way back?

He won't accuse you, He won't make you feel bad. He doesn't beat you up and tell you how terrible you are, how much you have sinned and how disappointed He is in you.... no, Jesus doesn't do that.

What He does do, is open His arms wide and wrap them around you, your heart, your mind, and whispers in your ear how much you are loved.

No matter what you have done, no matter how bad it is, how difficult life has become, Jesus is right there with you. He is walking with you in this journey of life.

And He is interceding for you to our Heavenly Father. Why? Because He loves you.

Take some time to talk with Him today. Ponder your life and where you see it going - and where it could go with Jesus in it. Trust Him. He's on your side. He's got your back.


Monday, April 18, 2016

What life is all about....

In my humble opinion, Life is about loving, living and delighting in God's miracles. His miracles can be of anything! The miracle can be the flower that is starting to open up and bloom - or one that is in full bloom.

His miracles can be the little seed that begins to burst forth out of the ground. Or they can be the beginning of a wait for a new child, watching it's growth within the womb. And the a greater miracle still, the birth of this child.

Have you ever watched a birth of an animal, or a child? It is amazing. Messy sometimes, yes; but amazing. To know that within the body of that person this 'thing', this 'person' was created. From the tiny body, even smaller fingers and toes, and usually a big head! - we ooh and ahh over such a birth. We are filled with great joy at this new miracle of life.

But what happens when this little body starts to grow? I've watched my daughter-in-law in amazement many times at the gentleness she has around people, especially children. She has taught me so much about being a good mother. I wish I had her as a model when I was growing up.

As I have shared many times, my childhood wasn't the best. A lot I have blocked out so that I don't remember. But what I do remember, wasn't love and patience or even gentleness. Unfortunately, because that is what I had been taught, that is what I sometimes passed on to my own children. With much regret I recall my lack of gentleness and patience. But I have always loved them. Loved them with a love that they will never understand until they reach the years I am at now.

I regret much of how my children were raised. I regret I was not a better example, a better mentor. I'm trying to do much better as a grandma, and I think I succeed at that. I find I have much more patience with the grandchildren, I'm even more loving, and if I need to swat a butt, I can do that too. Not that any of my grandchildren have ever needed that!

I was able to spend time with a couple granddaughters Saturday at a ladies tea. It was fun being with them, albeit the speaker went too long in my opinion. But it was fun and everyone said they wanted to come when they have it again. I'm thinking more of getting my granddaughters together and let's plan our OWN tea party at my house. Give them an opportunity to plan it and be involved in preparation. And, they can invite someone to join them if they want. It would be fun. And I think I will plan it with them.

Things like this are what I enjoy - what I call 'living life' - or at least part of it. There are many aspects of living life, of course. But for this day, I'm thinking of the tea and having fun with granddaughters.

Yesterday I was able to spend time with a grandson and have a talk with him. That was good too. I don't know what type of influence I had on him, but at least he knows I love him and wanted to spend some time with him.

Just like I like spending time with others - I want to pass this trait on. Never let go of caring for others enough that you would take time out of your busy schedule and spend time with them. One day you will wish you had.

Love them, share life with them, and delight in them. Let them share what they feel, let them know you care. Live life with them.


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

It was a fun weekend.....

I had a great weekend. At least, for me, it was great. We had lunch Saturday with a granddaughter and her fiancé and I passed on to her a fitbit that I had purchased from someone who didn't need it anymore. She wasn't too sure about it, but I encouraged her to use it just to see how many steps she took between school and work.

OH MY. Sunday I "challenged" my granddaughter and daughter via our Fitbits - and my granddaughter walked all over us - literally!! Well, the little stinker walked a lot and beat us both soundly. I didn't challenge her yesterday but she sends me a text last night. Now mind you, my goal is 10,000 steps a day. Some days that is difficult to reach and other days, very very difficult to reach. I only had about 6400 when I got home yesterday so I got on the treadmill. As I'm walking, I get this text from my granddaughter that says, "I need to set my goal at 16,000 for it to be a challenge for me."

SAY WHAT?? 16,000??!! Well, she reminded me, she does walk all over campus at school - and when she gets to work, she is working with one and two year old children who keep her running after them. She had over 14,000 before she even left work! So yes, I did encourage her to increase her steps to 16,000. But that probably also means that I will never be able to beat her unless she just doesn't go to work or doesn't have school. And that's ok.

I reminded her that even though I may give her a hard time about the walking and beating me all the time, to please remember it is only to be for FUN and for tracking how many steps we walk. I like challenges and therefore challenged her for today even though I am pretty confident she will badly beat me again - but it makes me push to get at least my goal. I had gotten really bad the past few weeks and only doing 6-7,000 because I had no one challenging me to do better. AND, the plus side, when I walk more, I will begin to lose this weight that I have added onto my body by not walking as much. I was doing real well there for awhile - then I quit. My bad!!

Sunday it rained most of the day - so what did I do? I baked a roast with potatoes for lunch and then baked cookies in the afternoon. Brought the cookies into work yesterday except for a few I left for hubby and his men's group. It was fun and I would have continued baking but I ran out of butter. That tells me I need to buy extra and keep in the freezer for times like this. Of course out here in Arizona it doesn't rain as much as some places. And listening to the news, Texas is getting hit bad again with rain and hail.

Work is keeping me busy - we are doing a lot of hiring and guess who gets to set up the interviews for my department. Yep - it be me. I have 4-5 I need to set up today already and more apps are coming in. I've already gotten several set up. At least I'm not on the interview itself - just setting them up.

And today is another busy day and I need to get at it. This rain has been good for my roses - they are blooming all over the front of the house and look so gorgeous.

Have a great day!


Monday, April 4, 2016

April flowers bring....

beautiful yards, for sure. My roses are in full bloom and look - and smell - so beautiful. I want to pick up a few more rose bushes and place strategically with the others, but I noticed the other night that my 5-6 rose bushes on the right front side of the house has gone from individual bushes to intertwining and it looks so full. I love it. They grow so quickly that we have to have them cut back 3-4 times a year. They are already taller than me - which isn't saying much I guess...

The last two weekends have been my dream come true, pretty much. I've often wanted to have the children over for meals, but just haven't done it.... and it probably won't happen often, but Easter was a good weekend to get started. I love the cooking and baking and just having the grandchildren around. Oh - and the kids too. My middle child and family came over the Saturday before Easter, my oldest and family came over on Easter Sunday - and the youngest and his family came over this past Sunday. Same meal - ham, mashed potatoes, corn, green bean casserole, etc. but seemed to be enjoyed by all. I think I am sick of ham, mashed potatoes, corn, green bean casserole, etc. LOL But it was good at the time.

I have several packages of chicken in the refrigerator that I plan on grilling tonight so that I can bring a piece to work with me daily and hubby can have some too. We can always find something else to eat for dinner. Or slice the chicken and make chicken tacos. Or something....

I feel so loved - all three of my children have managed to have some time with me this first quarter. My middle child was first - with lunch at a good salad place. I couldn't believe over two hours had passed before I stopped to look at my watch! It was so good to catch up with him and what he and his family have been doing.

My oldest and her daughter and I ran away for a couple days a few weeks later to what we have labeled "Jailbreak Getaway". I love it! Neither my daughter nor I came up with the name - but my granddaughter did! We cracked up laughing about it - but plan to use it for future getaways. Hopefully we can do this at least once a year. It was good to get away and just chill out and talk. Something that we don't normally have time to do.

My youngest just made it under the first quarter to have 1:1 time with me. In fact, if he hadn't been sent back home, he wouldn't have made it. But, being home, he took me out for dinner last week (and I enjoyed delicious chicken buffalitos (or something like that)- oh my these were so good!! Actually they are chicken tacos and I would love to have them again! It was fun to spend a couple hours with him as well and just catch up.

That's all I asked for. That's all I want. Just time to find out what THEY are doing, what's going on in their families. Not that I'm nosey, but they ARE my children and I just like to keep in touch. Most months go buy and I may talk to them once - and may even get to see them once - but that's about it. So, once a quarter should be good. Except the youngest is going to have to work hard cause he is leaving on Friday and then will be gone for several months.

But will be back next year when the flowers once again start blooming. It's hard to believe it is April already....

I am so grateful for Spring... and it's warmth.... some are already complaining about the heat... but not me. I'm grateful.

What are you grateful for?


Thursday, March 31, 2016

It was by His Hand....

Sometimes we wonder if God is in our situations. We wonder if He even thinks of us at all. We wonder if He listens when we call out to Him, we wonder if He even cares.

I feel He does all of the above. And, I can cite a recent example, although there are many others where I have seen His hand in action.

Earlier this month we took our son to the airport to fly to another city for training, and then eventually be sent overseas on an Army 'mission'. Although I knew he wasn't going to be where there was a lot of danger, I still didn't want him to be so far away from us, but I prayed and put him in God's hands.

Just before his being 'deployed', this son had received back-pay check on a disability he has acquired. He was able to pay off some bills and have some as a cushion for while he was gone. He left that Sunday morning, and God began to pull the reasons for everything together. By the middle of the next week, my son was sent home because of sleep apnea, and had 30 days to get re-tested. He retested a couple nights later. I understand that 2 years ago when he had the testing, it came out as severe apnea, at 52. This time the score came out as 15.4, with 15 being the line drawn for severe apnea. He immediately set plans in motion to get a device fitted in his mouth that would prevent his snoring and help with the apnea.

The children's uncle, their dad's brother had a heart attack, a stroke, and an aneurysm (if I heard correctly) and for the next week or so it was touch and go - then he passed away. This youngest child of mine not only had the time available, he had the money to go back to Indiana to be there for the funeral. He and his wife packed their bags, made arrangements for the grandchildren, and took their time heading to Indiana, arriving a day before the viewing.

During their visit to Indiana, I believe they were able to see every one of their dad's family, as well as my family. He saw his grandparents, who I have heard are in pretty bad health with dementia and grandma is nearly blind as well. Both seemed to know my son when he first saw him and told them who he was, but after that, neither of them recognized nor knew who he was. I think that hurt a lot, besides seeing how "old" and disabled they had gotten, both in wheelchairs. It was a tough visit, and he was asked to be a pall bearer.

And this is where I see God showing His hand. My son was sent back home from the base. He had the money, and the time. He had a sleep study but didn't pass. He was fitted for a device. He made the trip over a ten day period. He got back home on Sunday. He picked up the device on Tuesday. Had another sleep study completed on Tuesday night - and passed with a "1". He goes today to complete paperwork and send off the paperwork from the sleep study. Looks like he will be leaving again around April 8th.

God provided the money, provided the free time, provided a reliable vehicle, gave them travel mercies there. This son was able to stand in the gap for his father, and his siblings, and represent them at their uncle's funeral. He was able to take his time and drive back safely. Within two days of arriving back he has his device, passes the sleep study, and now completes what he needs to in order to leave. I truly believe that God provided all this.

Sometimes we take God for granted on the things that fall into place - or do not fall into place. But His hand is truly upon each and every one of us. When things are tough, look to see where He is working. When things are good, look to see His blessings.

and in all things, whether good or bad, give praise to God our Father, for it is He who is working in and through you to bring about all things. He is always working for your good.


Monday, March 14, 2016

It's Monday again!

Monday seems to roll around quite quickly anymore. The weekend barely gets here and poof! The weekend is gone and Monday is here. But this was a good past weekend. I had lunch with my oldest son on Saturday and it was a very nice time. The time flew by and before we knew it, 2 1/2 hours had flown by. I treasure those moments when I have him to myself.

And then, I got to pick up a grandson for a few hours. I had not gotten his $ to him for his birthday so asked if he wanted to go for 'cold stone' and shopping - or 'cold stone' and get his $. He opted out for 'cold stone' and shopping. It WAS to his benefit! I enjoyed having the grandson with me and he helped remind me I needed to stop at the drug store as well. He makes me laugh. It was a very good day.

Sunday it was a service at one of the RV parks we speak at. Pressure is on. I speak there on Easter Sunday and the person who schedules us told me yesterday that she wanted a 'dynamic' message on Easter Sunday. Seriously? Pressure! I speak next week at Pioneer Village and then am done there until November. Easter will be our last scheduled service this season at Desert Shadows. After the service yesterday we both were totally lazy. I finished reading a book I had a few chapters left in. We took a nap. It was a very, very lazy day.

Then this morning I get up for work - and beat myself up for not doing anything over the weekend. That's the way it usually is though. I need to apply myself to the things I want done during the week - which I don't do much of either. Tonight we are having dinner with a former co-worker and her husband. She and I try to have lunch, but with my office moving about 3 miles further away, it makes it a bit more difficult to meet, talk, and eat within an hour's time, so we opt for dinner with the spouses. We just can't talk like we normally would.

And now it's time to get busy here at work. I have a new form to create, minutes to type, and other things to get completed. My boss is out of town Wednesday - Friday this week so I won't be near as busy as I am when she is here - but I still always have work to do. But I really need to get a lot done as I am taking next Monday and Tuesday off work - and then we are off Good Friday! It will be so nice to have time off. If I didn't have a meeting on Thursday next week, I might have taken the entire week off. Oh well. Save my days off for another day.

The message yesterday at "church" was standing on the promises of God. And I do. Psalm 91:4 "He will cover you with his feathers, he will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection." And they are. There are many times I ask God to cover and shelter not only us, but also our children and grandchildren. When I put them under His protection, under His wings, nothing will happen to them that has not first been filtered through His wings. Stand firm on His promises - they will get you through each day.


Monday, March 7, 2016

How can I write what I feel....

when there is so much going on? When my emotions run high and low. When I find myself mellow and yet, ok. It has been a "moody" weekend, to say the least.

We went to a deployment ceremony on Saturday. Yeah, our youngest son is once again leaving us for awhile. His wife was there, of course, and we arrived, as well as his sister and hubby and son. We watched the ceremony being rehearsed, and then the final. It was a beautiful day, sunny, yet cloudy. Warm, yet a cool breeze would occasionally come through. The ceremony was outside with a General and a Colonel speaking. I forget who else spoke. My favorite was the last speaker. He said he had a speech but wasn't going to give it. Just wished them luck. Two minutes max. Nice.

Good thing, too. Four of the soldiers collapsed during the ceremony and had to be escorted from the field to hydrate and cool off, I'm guessing. But, they had stood out there nearly an hour and a half to two hours, I'm guessing. We got to sit on bleachers so it wasn't bad. The ceremony was interesting. Afterwards we all went to lunch and for a change, I got to sit across my from son so that I could talk with him. It was quiet talk. I reminded him that we never got that 1:1 that I had asked for before he left.

Yesterday we took our son and his wife to the airport and sat with him for about 3 hours before he could board his flight. It was casual talk, and coffee. Well, I had my green tea. After he boarded the plane, we left and his wife took us to lunch, then we all went home.

I'm speaking at the two RV parks over the next three weeks so I got to spend the afternoon working on my message for this Sunday. I need to get a new computer, I think. I'm thinking about a desktop this time - but I am not sure. I have so much difficulty with the printer I have - it keeps going offline and I can't figure out how to get it online. I messed with it for over an hour yesterday - then tried hubby's printer and it wouldn't connect with it either. I finally emailed the message to my office email and I printed it out here this morning. Now I can work on it and see what I need to change. At least with speaking at one place this Sunday and another the next Sunday I can use the same message - but Easter Sunday I need to have a new one so that will be my focus once this one is completed.

In the afternoon yesterday I received information that a former brother-in-law had had a heart attack and stroke. Memories flooded my mind, good memories. Some people just can't understand how my memories of some things can be good. Perhaps it is because I choose to not focus on the bad and choose to focus on the good of it. My heart breaks for the family, and for my children. This has always been a tough time for them - and reading a daughter-in-law's post from last night, I had forgotten her father had passed at this time - it is tough for her as well. So many things to pull memories, good and bad. I hate it that my children hurt. And all I can do is pray. And yes, I pray also for my former brother-in-law. I've prayed not only for a miracle that he should live, but that he could go home soon. I haven't heard anything so don't know how God will answer all the prayers prayed by many on his behalf. I imagine they would be surprised to know I prayed for him. But why shouldn't I pray? I am sad he is at death's door.

I still believe that God answers prayers. That He still hears my specific prayers and answers. That with combined prayers, He will respond. I have prayed many prayers at which there has been no response. At least none that I've seen. But God answers in His way, and in His own timing. I've learned to pray and wait. And be patient. Which is a lot harder.

My oldest son asked me to lunch next Saturday. Just me. I'm excited to spend some 1:1 time with him. We rarely have time alone together so that I can hear what he has been doing, what is going on in his life, what is he feeling, etc. I rarely see him because our schedules and priorities are sometimes different. And that's ok. That's why these 1:1 sessions are so important to me. I'm looking forward to it.

My daughter, granddaughter and I are actually going to get away for a "girls weekday outing" soon. Just a Sunday afternoon to Tuesday afternoon running away time, but it will be fun and I truly pray we make lots of good memories. Who knows if we will ever be able to do this again. I've begged for it for three years - and finally - we can get away. I will have to work on a weekend where hubby and I can get away.....

So my emotions have been up and down this weekend. Today I'm doing well. Work keeps me very busy. Praying for others is also keeping me busy as it is unceasing to cover those who need a special touch.

I'm just rambling... but I know that God is in all of this. His promises are true. One thing I have learned over the years is that His promises are my armor and protection. He covers me with his feathers, He shelters me with His wings. His promises are my armor and protection. And they also are yours.