Thursday, February 11, 2016

Changes! Changes! I'm sure they are good, but.....

I was caught unawares this morning. I haven't posted anything since February 1 and being as busy as I usually am, I have not read any information about any changes on the BlogSpot. But low and behold! This morning when I started to write something - I couldn't find the 'new post' button! I had to "sign up" to be a blogger or something. I don't know - I did the minimal I had to do, said I was a follower of Ralphd00d and found a new post button so that I could put something on here.

And here I am.

It's been a busy month already. I did finally make it to the podiatrist to see why I have such pain in the bottom of my heel - and it was as I suspected. I have plantar fasciitis in both feet. So after $$ I have an insert with an arch for my tennis shoes (I can switch out, but they don't fit my flats) and I even splurged and ordered a pair of flip flops that has an arch. I have found a big difference already. In the week I have been wearing them - at first it felt uncomfortable, yet comfortable - and now because I put my tennis shoes on when I change my shoes after word (and not go barefoot or slip my houseshoes on) that I am able to pretty much walk around without a lot of pain. That is very good. The pain would sometimes be so intense all I could do was shuffle my feet. And I will still have the problem most days I'm sure.

I was surprised my heels were not a problem - in fact, my heels do not affect it at all. It's going without arch support by going barefoot or in houseshoes. I'm even back to walking 4-6 miles a day without pain. And it feels good.

I have been in Fitbit challenges with my daughter and sister - and this week I had been coming out on top - when I went to bed last night I has nearly 6 miles in total and was in the lead. In spite of my daughter going for a long walk last night. She was close - but we both were ahead of my sister. At 4:45AM this morning I checked my Fitbit to see where everyone was - and my sister had jumped ahead by 4000 steps!! Now what was she doing up in the middle of the night walking - whether on the treadmill or otherwise??!! That is just so wrong!! Don't you agree?

Today is a new day - and although I don't expect to be in the lead anymore - after all, SOME of us have to work - it's fun pushing myself to get my steps in. My goal is 10,000 steps a day - rounding up to 5 miles - and burning 2000 calories. With that, I end up close to 6 - 6 1/2 miles, if I push to burn all the calories. Usually if I get my 10,000 steps in I'm happy. It's all good, and we are all getting healthy.

What about you? God tells us to take care of our bodies and keep them healthy. I've changed my eating habits. Of course I still have chocolate. But I now limit myself. And I limit myself on other foods. I need to lose weight, yes, but I am more wanting to keep my body healthy so that I can enjoy my grandchildren and great grandchildren even more as they start to arrive. I have to admit it - I do not want to be like my mother. Is that a shock? I can't remember her ever playing with the grandchildren or great grandchildren. She was so heavy and out of shape she could do nothing more than hold them. And that is good, but it isn't living. I want to live.

I've set a goal for myself. In 4 years I want to walk the mini-marathon again in Indiana. I will be 70 years old. I'm preparing now by keeping my walking up and eating healthy. I've done it twice now - and I want to beat my time in completing the mini-marathon. The first year it was 3 hours and 56 minutes, I think. The second time was 3 hours and 58 minutes. I want to do it in a lot less this next time - and be 8 years older. Can I do it? I don't know - but I'm going to give it my best shot.

It would be awesome if all three of my children would get in shape and do the mini with me. I am pretty sure two of my children still read this on occasion. So I will challenge you. You have 4 years. Plan to do the mini marathon in Indiana with me the first Saturday in May, 2020. (My birthday is in August and I want to BE 70 - so that makes it 2020). Join me - you have 4 years to prepare.

I thank God every day that I am still able to work, still enjoy my work, and am still able to do things and be active. I have a lot of conflicts in being able to complete some things - but at least it isn't my health preventing it.

What is preventing you? Let's do this!!


Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday ramblings and a new month..........

It is going to be a productive day today. I've already decided that. Especially since I have so very much to do. PLUS, we have been given instructions to delete a lot of saved information - our folders are full and there isn't much space to be had... so guess I will be working on that this morning. And it will be hard - afterall, I AM a packrat so will need to determine if I save it or delete it. I could print it if I need to - will see.....

It's a new month. I keep thinking that before we know it, next week will be July. And I look back at the months past and see that I haven't gotten much done, as usual. There is so much I want to do - and yet, have not done it. I need to make up my mind to 'just do it' and stop allowing circumstances and things to interfere with what I want to accomplish. I just find that it is very difficult to clean out closets or rooms when someone else is around. I like being emeshed in my thoughts as I sort through things. With enough interruptions, I quietly put everything back and walk away from it. I often laugh and say if I could be alone for one month in my house, I would have every closet cleaned out and every room de-cluttered. :-) That comment will go over like a lead balloon, I'm sure.....

Last week was, in fact, an eventful week. Last Thursday morning on my way to work my van got rear-ended. And it really wasn't the other driver's fault - nor mine. I was stopping in time when I saw the car about 5 car lengths in front of me (I leave early for work so I don't have to be in a hurry to get there) put their brake lights on. I was slowly slowing down, when about 3 car lengths to go - and a pickup truck jumped in front of me - and had to slam on his brakes. That caused me to have to really push on mine for I was only a very short distance from him. Unfortunately, because I had to immediately stop to keep from hitting the stupid pick-up and the driver, the car behind me didn't have time to come to a complete stop. He stopped in time - then the brakes 'released' and grabbed again. That 'release' caused him to hit my bumper.

We were able to pull of the side of the road (of course it was the center lane on the freeway). This young man comes to my van to see if I was ok - and I was - just shaken up. I called 911 and they sent DPS out, who had us pull off the next exit and into a parking lot. I got out and looked at my van, not knowing what to expect. It was only the bumper that was cracked. But the young man's car - a Nissan sentra, I believe, the older model - was a mess. The hood was pushed up, the grill broke, the bumper... I felt really bad for him - oh - and his passenger bag had deployed. He only carried liability insurance - for which I am grateful, but doesn't do much for his vehicle.

As I drove off, intending to drive on to work, I discovered I couldn't get the van up over 40 miles an hour - and there was a loud rushing noise - like wind. I turned around and drove home. After making the necessary calls to insurance companies, we took my van over to get fixed - and discovered that the tail pipe was bent in like a tight u-shape. I figure the other car, being lower, went under my van just enough to hit the tailpipe and bend it, and break the bumper. They gave a $1500 estimate - but from what they sent us - it looks like less than $1000 to repair. I should have it back by the end of the week. His insurance did provide me a 2015 Chevy Cruze to drive as I needed transportation to work. It's a "cute" little car, and I'm sure very efficient, but I think I would like one a little bigger. I'm used to the suburban, and now the van. Don't need one as big as the van, but not quite as small as the Cruze.

But I thank God that He did protect me and keep me safe - and my van wasn't damaged that bad.

I found it interesting how my children responded. Two wanted me to go to the ER, and the middle child was just glad I was ok. Personalities. Very interesting. But, I was fine - and am fine - so did NOT go to the ER. There was no need to. I get a massage in a couple weeks and I will have them just focus more on my neck and back to make sure there aren't any kinks that I don't feel yet.

Today is February 1 and my dear adopted Aunt Sue will be moving into an assisted living facility. I'm happy for her - it is a very nice place. I just feel she is being pushed to move NOW. Which can be good - and yet - she will be going from a fairly good size two bedroom "house" to a one bedroom, living room, small kitchen room. I saw her Saturday and she is taking about every stitch of clothing she has. Now mind you, she does have a small walk-in closet, BUT - her clothes at the house filled an area the size of 3 closets AND she had a rack of clothes out in the garage. I tried to help her condense down - that she did not need them - but she could not comprehend NOT needing to take all her clothes. She boxed up all her pots and pans - I tried to explain that with the facility serving her a nice lunch in a nice dining room, she only needed one or two saucepans, and only one skillet, and her small crockpot. She agreed, but.... She is moving this morning - the movers were to be there at 7:30AM - which is about now. She will be exhausted tonight, I'm sure, but hopefully I can go over one evening this week to check on her. Her 'real' niece who inherits everything has given me three rude-ish calls Friday and Saturday - so I'm staying away. I will let her handle the move - I certainly don't need to be involved, but if she had asked, I would have taken today off to help.

I need to get to work now - but I'm praying that YOU have a safe day and make it a productive one. When travel is difficult, thank God that He gets you through it.


Monday, January 25, 2016

I'm finding I still don't like it....

The time clock, that is. But, it is what it is and I have to do what I have to do. Last week I had about 9 hours "overtime" but because we were off on Monday, most is straight time. Which is ok. I'm not trying to get overtime - in fact most days still I clock in - and out - and end up staying for another hour just to finish things up. I've complained all I'm going to. I have really thought about it this weekend (somewhat) and I'm just tired of it. I've even thought about retiring.... but that will never happen. We can not survive without this pay check. And I hate being in that position. But, for my life right now, that is the way it is.

I enjoy my job, I really do. But I must admit that at times I get jealous because others get to retire and travel and do things - and that will never happen for me. Every one of my siblings are either "retired" or "disabled" and drawing a check to where they don't have to work. I am the only one - the MIDDLE child, no less - who is still working. Sometimes I don't mind it, sometimes I wish I could take time off to do things I want to do - sometimes............

But this is my life. and so is the time clock. I would much rather be paid 40 hours regardless of how many hours I put in - except when I absolutely HAVE to work overtime. That's the way it used to be - and then I would only get an hour or two. BUT - I am hourly, they won't change it, and I have to clock in and out. Maybe I need to start taking the hour for lunch and go for a walk. Yeah, maybe I will start doing that today. Except I have so much to do! This morning I have to cover the front desk for two hours. I have 5 sets of minutes to complete and one meeting to prepare for on Thursday. Not counting my other duties.

Oh well. Quit complaining and just do it - right?

As I prayed about my job this morning I thanked God for it because it is a good job. I enjoy my job. I don't particularly like the 40 minute drive in to the office, but I don't mind it. The evening drive gives me time to call my older sister 3x a week and check on her. But it is a good job and although I'm not paid as much as I think I should be, I did agree to work for this amount of money so cannot say anything about it.

I am grateful for my job. It gives me life. I talk to other people. I am out of the house. I do things. This is my life.

But I still don't like the time clock. sigh.

Hope you have a good day. Time to get busy!


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

And so the meetings start!

At least this early meeting does! I was able to skip it last month as they made it a Christmas - oh, excuse me - a "holiday" party for their department, and I didn't have to attend. You would think that since I was in that department prior to this position, and because I have to be in their meeting every month taking minutes, that I would be included in their "holiday" party. But I wasn't. Interesting. Oh well. Today we have a real meeting and I will be there. I'm even bringing in the left-over store-bought cookies that hubby had left over from his meeting last night. Not many - but enough we don't want at home.

Work has been fairly busy the past couple weeks. Our printers (6 of them) are still giving us fits in different areas. Last Monday the one by me had a full toner cartridge. It doesn't take much to replace it, and inventory showed we had 7 in stock. Guess what. There are none to be found. So for two days I have had to print my items at a printer clear across the room - no kidding! It is nearly a straight line from my desk to the corner of the building - and I have to go all the way there to pick up my printing. A waste of my valuable time, for sure.

I am not liking - and liking - the time clock. This morning I clocked in when I got here (6:21 AM) as I need to prep for this meeting. Now I can do one of two things. I can count out my 8 hours (minus a 1/2 hour lunch) and then go home, or I can clock stay until I have been going home lately and get over time. No biggie. Anyway - I've been leaving about 3:45PM - 4:00PM because my boss has been gone for late meetings. I would stay if I had a meeting or if she needed me. I told her that I would make my hours 7-3:30PM - and I do enjoy getting out earlier cause that makes me home between 4:30 and 5:00PM. It just feels awkward - but I'm sure I'll get over that soon enough.

Well I need to get busy and pull my things together - that's what I'm here early for.

I prayed on the way in that God would not only protect me on the way in - but that He would open the lanes for me that I can move into them quickly, and that I would have safe travels. I love how He always answers. I can look in the rearview mirror to move into the next lane - and usually all the cars are about 20 car lengths back - which gives me plenty of time to move over. I love it when God determines my path! Ask Him to help you maneuver in traffic - He will!!


Monday, January 4, 2016

Back to Work!

Ugh. Had to get up at my 4AM time this morning for the first time in a week and head to work this morning. I awoke to hearing rain pouring down, but by the time I left at 6AM, the rain had stopped and the drive in wasn't too bad. A lot more traffic than the past couple of weeks, but it still wasn't too bad. I actually don't mind coming back to work - I was really getting lazy at home. And bored. I did get started on a Christmas present for next year, but still have a ways to go on it. And that's ok.

Hubby and I are doing our annual 21 day fast at the first of the year - and although I was enthusiastic about starting it, it has been difficult at times to maintain what I wanted to do. I have finally given in that I will eat chicken. I was going to stick to fruits and vegetables, but ... well, it has just worked out that way. I have been tempted to just give in and do chocolate - but I have resisted. I have my prayer list and am focusing on specific things - but of course God's thoughts are much better than mine, and He knows what will happen in the future so I just pray my prayers and leave the results to Him.

I had a fun time on Saturday with my daughter and granddaughter. We went to return an item, then had lunch and as we headed to the mall, my granddaughter mentioned we should do an 'adventure' together. She reminded me that two years or so ago I was willing for us to get our ears pierced (again) together. We talked about it and as we walked around the mall, there was a place that had a brief opening time, so the three of us got our ears pierced. It was funny taking photos of our faces when we got them done! My granddaughter and I laughed and just said "bonding time"! My daughter was not as amused. But it was fun.

Yesterday we headed up to Prescott Valley for church and visit with friends. It was a good time and we had fun just sitting around talking. It wasn't as much fun watching the Cardinals get slaughtered on TV. We turned it off when it was 36-6. Seriously? They have had a great season - and then blow off this game? Disheartening for sure.

And today I am getting my focus back on my fast and back on work. My boss is still off today, but I see I have 55 messages in my inbox so need to figure out how in missing one day of work that I could get so many emails. Job security?

Hope that you are doing well from the holidays and are ready to start the new year with a fresh outlook. I know I am. I'm focusing on those things that are important to me. God being #1.


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

and then, 'poof'! It's over....

What a ride these past few days have been! And it has been so much fun! At least for me. The build-up during the week of Christmas was almost as much fun as Christmas day itself. I had grandchildren over on Sunday, Wednesday, and again on Thursday. Love having them all around and we had so much fun baking cookies and making Christmas mice. That, for me, is what makes Christmas so much fun - getting to spend time with the grandchildren and make Christmas goodies. (and then send them home - the cookies and the grandchildren! Just kidding!)

Christmas eve ended with my daughter and her family over for dinner and opening gifts. It was a nice time, howbeit somewhat strained. Unfortunately there is great tension between the father and the daughter, plus the daughter had to work all day and wasn't feeling well. Those things affect everyone and ruins things for all involved. My own daughter put on a good front, but even she felt the tension and was not able to relax and enjoy the evening. And that is sad that one person is so self-centered and selfish that they would put their control over the happiness of their child. Just my opinion. They have lost their daughter's respect.... and they stand to lose her as well. But that is all for another day, another time. Just my rambling thoughts. All in all, we had a good time over dinner and opening gifts.

Someone brought in homemade 7 layer brownies. I just made myself over the top on a sugar high. Why do I do that? Ick! Drink coffee and make myself come down!!

Christmas morning started early as usual for hubby and I. We have our own traditions of getting up early, getting a fire started in the fireplace, getting a cup of hot coffee, and settling down in our chairs to open our stockings and see what's in there. Then we go back and forth opening our gifts. We both made out quite well this year. We even had a gift from "Santa" - a back massager.

After a little while the youngest son and his family came over to open their gifts. He was already in belligerent spirits... with the recent unexpected death of a solder friend of his, he has taken to drama in expressing his grief. Unfortunately, this display of "grief" and of previous displays of behavior, may be the very thing that will keep him from getting a transfer he wants. Instead of stepping up and being a leader, he is behaving like an immature child. And he won't listen. Sigh, again, my thoughts have wandered. Christmas with his family was good. We had cinnamon rolls afterwards - and I felt guilty for just serving that. I have promised that next year we will have pancakes or French toast and scrambled eggs, at least. I couldn't believe how tall his oldest son has gotten - the hoodie I bought him was too short! And I love the fact that he actually talked with me; usually he shies away. It was a good time of giving and receiving gifts.

And a short time later my middle child and his family made their appearance. As we were asked to wait until our granddaughter arrived from another city, we ate lunch first. Again I sorta screwed it up. I had already put the ham on, but because I wasn't planning on us eating for at least another hour, it wasn't hot through and through. But we managed. Again I looked at lunch and wished I had done it differently. In fact, I have already started writing down my thoughts for December next year for dinner, breakfast, and lunch. I love to cook - and I let my opportunity get by me. Never again. Had a great time with everyone and I loved the surprised looks on their faces at some of the gifts bought specifically with them in mind. This son's very last gift arrived yesterday. I was so disappointed it wasn't here in time for Christmas, but I hope he will like it. I'm disappointed in how it turned out - not quite like the photo, but it's ok.

All the grandchildren seemed to like their quilts I made them this year. I have two I have in mind to make for next Christmas and am ready to start on the first one. Get them made and then put away is my plan. I've already ordered one thing I found online to put back for one person for next year. Maybe I can do that through out the year - if I can keep from giving to them.

It was a good Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It was here, and now 'poof' it's gone and we are looking New Years Eve in the face. I'm working today, then I have five days off work. Going to be tough going back to work next Monday! But I'm hoping to get a lot done while I'm off. Cleaned the closets, pantry, and the refrigerator the day after Christmas. Now to focus on other things. Purging a lot of 'stuff' would be a good way to start the new year.

In all the hustle and bustle of the Christmas activities, I did remember to quiet myself and think of the reason we celebrate Christmas. It isn't about the giving and receiving of gifts, which is a lot of fun and is good. It is remembering the Christ child who came to earth. True, we don't know WHEN He was born specifically. We don't know WHERE specifically He was born. But the good news is that He WAS born, and that God sent His Son to redeem us from a fallen world.

And He still redeems us. Our world has truly fallen and if one would allow themselves to fear of the future, it could cause great fear. But my Hope is in Him, the One who loves us unconditionally. He gives us so many chances to turn to Him, to humble ourselves and pray, and seek His face. When we do that, He will turn to us, He will listen to us, and He will heal our lands (and our homes). Glory to God.


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Do you know HIM?

We attended a service at another church recently in which the pastor talked about the movie ELF. Have you seen it? It's a funny movie about a human who became an elf for awhile. I don't want to ruin the story for you so won't tell you more about that. But I will tell you one part that the pastor emphasized that changed my thinking.

There is a scene in which Buddy, the elf, is in a department store. He hears that Santa is coming to the store and he gets sooooo excited! He starts telling everyone, "Santa is coming!" and "I know him!", "I know him!". And Buddy DID known him. He knew Santa. He had lived with Santa in his life.

But let's take it a step further. Do you know HIM? Do you know the ONE of whom we celebrate this season? Do you know HIM who's birth we celebrate on the 25th? Do you get excited about Santa Claus coming to your house - or do you get excited about celebrating HIM?

For the past several years I have taken to reading the story of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke. I love reading about how God sent Him to earth, just for me and you. I imagine the angels coming to the shepherds who were guarding their flocks by night and telling the good news of a Savior being born and placed in a manger, wrapped in swaddling cloths. I think about the startled fear the shepherds must have felt when the angels started praising God in the highest. And when it was all over, the overwhelming joy that would flood over the shepherds, wanting to leave their flocks and rush to Bethlehem, to see the Christ child, the King of Kings, Jesus Messiah. And they ran to where the star was overhead, went in, and bowed down and worshipped.

What would you do if the angels came and told you Christ was here? The Savior of the world, the One and Only.....Jesus? Would you run to Him, bow down, and worship? Would you fall on your face and cry out for joy? Would you dance before Him, praising His name and glorifying Him?

The first step in doing anything is knowing HIM. Do you know HIM? Can you whisper with excitement, "I KNOW HIM!"?

I tell you today, that He knows you, and He loves you more than life itself. In fact, He gave up His life for you. And He gave it up for me. Such a sacrifice, for such sinful people. He took our sins - known and unknown, before we were even born or thought of - and allowed Himself to died on the wooden, rugged cross.

I John 1:9 says "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness." No big fanfare, just a whispered prayer, "Lord, please forgive me all my sins. Help me to live according to Your Word."

Do you know HIM? Think about it. It's the perfect season to find Him.