Monday, February 20, 2017

My turn...

I see that my son posted on his blog this morning - which made me think to drop a few lines on here. I have the blogs in my favorites bar so I can click on them any time - so they are always close by.

January is nearly over. Where has this month gone! Lots of things going on already this year - just busy stuff, but still, busy.

Wow - January is already over and February isn't far from being over. I decided to take a moment to check blogs this morning and saw I had started this and it was still in draft form. I have been so busy here at work - and haven't been on the computer much at home - so haven't completed anything personal.

And, in checking blogs - I see my son has written several posts since I have. I'm surprised he hasn't sent me an email and asked why haven't I been posting - he has done that before. It always gets me motivated to do it more.

But what to write about. Actually, I had been thinking of writing something over the weekend. So much has gone on lately that I have been pretty much overwhelmed. I honestly want to run away for at least a day - by myself. No one can understand this. At work I am with people all day long. I am interrupted, I listen to chatter throughout the day, I am very busy. On the way home I am - at least 3 days a week - calling my older sister to check on her or calling my 100 year old aunt to see how she is doing. Then once home, it's fixing dinner (or going out for a bite), and having to interact with those there.

Right now I want to be alone. I just want 'to be'. Just for a day would be heavenly. I used to be able to do that occasionally - go up to the Hermitage and spend a day/night. I treasure the memories I have of those times. But - it was sold and those that have it do not rent it out now. I would even rent a hotel room just for a night and a day - if I could have it to myself. No one can understand what or why I feel this way. When hubby was involved in other activities he would occasionally be gone for a night or a day - and I loved it (to his dismay) - having the house to myself. Doing something without having to explain why. Going somewhere without having to report in.

And here it is nearly March and my daughter and granddaughter and I need to plan our "2017 Jailbreak Getaway". Granddaughter wants to go to Sedona. I just want to get away. Not sure where we will end up. I would be happy to just get a hotel room and us hang out together; go shopping or whatever. Not that any of us has any extra money to go shopping. But I do also window shop. Last year we did it on spring break for the granddaughter - but this year she is also working so don't know if she will be able to get away. It's only two nights anyway..... we had hoped to make it a yearly thing - guess we will see. True, I won't be alone - but it is a good time with catching up with life.

I guess this is all I will write for now - perhaps I will get back in to writing soon and will catch myself up. One thing I do know... God is still God, and He is still on His Throne. Somedays that is all that keeps me going.


Thursday, January 12, 2017

It's been awhile....

Not that I haven't had anything to share, but have been extremely busy when I come in to the office in the mornings (which is where I usually type these up).

Christmas has come and gone and I think it all went well. I chuckle when I remember surprised or delighted expressions on the ones who received specific gifts from us. It felt so good to see their eyes light up or just a smile. I think all the meals went well and all were happy with what they got.

December was a busy month. Besides all the Christmas shopping (mostly on-line this year) and decorating, and other activities, one of our granddaughters moved in with us. I was extremely surprised, yet grateful, that hubby agreed to it. Of course it is only through the end of school, he says. There have to be 'rules' for the permission. sigh. I just wanted to give her an option other than moving in with her boyfriend's family - of which I would have been dreadfully disappointed. So when the end of this school year comes, I'm not sure what will happen. I think grandpa enjoys having someone else to fuss over when I'm not home, but you never know his mindset.

January started out busy, but brought great joy with it. Our son was brought home from Iraq. Unfortunately, January has also brought some sorry with it in that my children's grandmother passed away the day after my son arrived home. Which is good, for now he is home and can attend. In fact, he and his family left out yesterday morning to head to Indiana. I just checked to see where they were - and they are currently in Joplin, Missouri. I've prayed the snow storm that is heading that way be delayed until they get there - and they report clear weather right now. Thank you Jesus.

Life goes on. Time to get back to work. Just thought I'd take a break and get some thoughts down.

My heart hurts for my children. Death is so hard - and seems to hurt worse when everyone is so far away. But all three of the children have managed to find a way back for the funeral, and I'm glad. I wish I could go - but I am the outsider of this family. But, I have always loved their grandparents - they were more like my parents than my own parents were. I think one of the hardest things in a divorce is leaving the family of those you love. I have many fond memories of "mom" and "dad". Especially mom. :-)

Memories are good.


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

It's almost here!

Christmas is almost here! Today is the 14th, so technically, only 10 more days until the big day arrives! I love Christmas!! Christmas will be different this year with the youngest son in Iraq. I thank God that this will be the last time he will be away. Of course over the last several years he has managed to be gone on several of my birthdays and/or Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays. This should be the last missed one - and I'm glad about that.

As the time gets closer, I find I am nearly finished with everything. For some reason, the tree looks much more bare than it has in years past - I guess I'm just not buying as much. And that's ok. Didn't make much this year, that is for sure. I need to figure out what to make for next year - that will be fun. But what? They've all got quilts now, so what is left?

Our youngest granddaughter came over last night and watched Heidi (starring Shirley Temple) with me. Grandpa had a men's group meeting in the front room, so we retired to the back room to watch the movie. Her emotions were cute. She said the movie was sometimes sad (when Heidi was taken from her grandfather), but sometimes happy (when he got her back). One of my favorite movies I enjoy during Christmas time. After the movie she sat down and I watched as she looked under the tree, to see what was there. I managed to get a couple photos of her to post on facebook - it was kind of cute. It was fun spending time with her.

Lots of changes going on in our household this month.

Been doing a lot of baking already - last count I had 36 small loaves of bread and 11 large loads.... except I just shipped out several loads to family back in Indiana. I do hope they all enjoy the bread and the cookies I sent. I made up my gingerbread cookies, some oatmeal raisin cookies, and the bread. Lil' Mike mentioned dipping the cookies in milk - which worked to his advantage; I sent him the cookies that I cooked a minute too long! They weren't burnt - but they were cooked through. He can surely dip those! I've gotten text messages from the two sisters that they have received their packages, so can only assume the two brothers have received theirs. I still need to get a package or two put together and get in the mail as well - maybe on Friday we can get it out.

I think I'm down to getting gift cards to finish up gifts; I don't know what else to get anyone. Plus I need to get out and figure out what I'm going to be fixing for meals. I have at least two meals to fix - and need to determine what I'm going to do for one group. May not fix a meal for them; got to work them in so that I can have the full family together. And of course I've already heard that my oldest princess can't come up from Morenci cause of hubby's work schedule. And that's ok. I told her to let me know when they can come up and I'll cook ribs for them for dinner so that we can have time together. :-)

And we have found out we are going to have a new little princess in our family!! I'm so excited! I just wish they weren't so far away, and I'm sure mom and dad do too. In time they will get back up this way. In time.

And now my break is over so I need to get busy again. Hope you are enjoying the countdown to Christmas - it can't come none too soon. I discovered today that I will have 3 weeks of 3 day work weeks (with Monday-Friday days off) before I go to a 4 days week (New Years) in 2017 to a 5 day week. That is going to be hard to get used to! I'm bringing all my goodies in next Tuesday to give away, I think. I need to find out who isn't going to be here next week and go from there. But then again, if I bring in and they aren't here - their loss!


Friday, December 2, 2016

December - my favorite month of the year

Yes - December is my favorite month of the year - even more so than August, which is my birthday month! Why? Not only because we celebrate the birth of Jesus, but because of all the hustle and bustle leading up to it. I love the Christmas music, the shopping online (or shopping without people around me everywhere), and being able to buy things for those I love that might, just might, bring a smile to their faces.

I love finding that perfect something for someone I love. The anticipation of seeing their face when it is opened up is well worth whatever the cost is. I remember the year we got our oldest son a pair of golf sandals. He had been golfing some at that time, and it seemed the logical thing to get him that he would use. I was so excited and couldn't wait to see his face - and it was so well worth it. He was definitely surprised! I rarely can surprise this one, one when I can, it brings me great joy.

I haven't done a lot of shopping yet, have done a little online, but not going out as much. I did go out for a couple hours the Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving to catch some of the sales, but the problem is that I don't know what anyone wants this year so it was hard to choose things for them. I feel I have gotten a lot done, and yet, not much. I finally have a date scheduled with my daughter to go shopping later this month. I know she needs clothes, but have no idea what. She tends to not get anything for herself, but get for the spouse and children, and when it gets to her, there is nothing left. So - I am taking her shopping to get her some clothes - and then told her she will have to forget about it cause she can't have them until Christmas. But at least I can help her choose and she can get some new things. I'd rather do that than give her a gift card she will spend on the children; or give her something she will take back and spend on the children.

My youngest is a bit harder to shop for this year. I've bought a few things and am wrapping and putting aside for when he comes home in January. I truly miss my boy and will be so glad when he gets home - and I know I'm not the only one.

All the grandchildren have grown up - it seems overnight - and I'm at a loss for most on what to get them. I laugh when I think of the two grandsons that state "if you don't tell grandma what you want, you get clothes". Well, guess what, they haven't told me, so guess what they are going to get. They make me laugh. I'm hoping we will somehow get to see them over the holidays. If the weather stays without snow up there, perhaps I can get hubby to drive up. It's getting more difficult to get him to go places I want to go....

I love all the baking I get to do cause I get to give it away. I need to make more cranberry pumpkin nut breads cause I want to give to several people here at work. It's cheaper than buying a gift; it's something they will eat (usually); and it won't gather dust (I think). Most everyone here enjoys it - in fact, I brought 10 loaves of the bread in - the little loaves - for a bake sale and they sold them for $5 each - and they sold out right away! I was shocked! I wouldn't pay $5 for it - but only because I'm cheap. Two of my grandchildren have asked for it for their Christmas gifts - and they realize they will get it as I have in years' past. Bread, salsa, and cheese ball. They crack me up.

I have about 4-6 people here in management that I create a bag of goodies for. I can't afford to buy gifts so I bake and try to make things they will enjoy. I want to try a couple new things this year and I will need to start in another week or so getting them done. This is the part I love - baking and making.

What is the best part of Christmas that you enjoy? What do you think of when Christmas is approaching? Is it about worshiping and celebrating Christ's birth - or is it how many gifts you get. Let's keep out focus on WHOM it should be on. It can change your world.


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Surely it will be over soon.....

The protests, the rioting, I mean. The sad part, from what I hear, is one person posting on craigslist they pay $3500 for people to protest the election. Seriously? We didn't protest when other presidents were elected that we didn't agree with. AND, these are students who aren't even old enough to vote - plus people in one state who were arrested for protesting - did not even vote although they were old enough to vote! What has this nation come to except a bunch of crybabies that didn't get their way.

It seems like it has been some time since I wrote on here - and it has. There has been a lot going on at work; my boss took a promotion, and to ensure that I can go with her, she got me promoted too. Extra pay is always good come Christmas time. It will be a small Christmas - I know, I say that every year - but no one needs anything, and we just don't have it to spend. I am determined to get something each one may want (whether they realize they want it or not - if I buy it, they want it) and not something they can't use. Most everyone got t-shirts and hoodies last year .... it may be the same this year. Well, just for a couple people. I don't have any ideas for most, but need to start thinking ahead. Need to wait for sales to happen - can't afford to pay full price for things that will be on sale for 1/2 price in another week or so.

Work has been extremely busy. Guess it comes with the promotion. Not really, as we acquired another company and have been working to merge them with us, and then we took on some commercial work as well, effective January 1. The past few months have been training and getting these people ready to work on January 1. It's hard when we keep losing our internet in the building. Oh yeah. That's a happening now and then. Lots of moves too. Glad I do not have to move to another building - but the three people next to me - two went to the building next door on Thursday last week (but are back today because they lost internet in that building) and one went to another building across the canal. The hope is that we will have a big enough building in 1-2 years that can house everyone. My one move should be down the way next to my boss's office. Where we have been trying to get me moved since last December. Finally to happen this December.

Next week is Thanksgiving and we get a couple days off work. Well, from work office. I cracked up the other day when I received a call from my daughter who stated that they had decided Thanksgiving this year will just be the 4 of them (without boy/girl friends) and we were invited. When I affirmed our plan was to be there, she advised she was fixing a ham, so would I fix the turkey, dressing and giblet gravy. It made me laugh. I make it every year and take over there. It was just an odd invite. But it will be nice to have a couple days away from the office, although I have so much to do, I may work some over the weekend.

I remembered the other night that I had purchased a Christmas quilt and shams last year for our bed. I got them out of storage and put on the bed. Yes, I'm ready to start decorating, and may pull more things out over this weekend. I love Christmas and it is my favorite holiday.

I'm so glad the election is over, and the holidays are approaching quickly. I get to be with my children and grandchildren and that makes it so special for me. I don't see them often enough. I will miss my youngest, still in Iraq, but he will be home soon. And with all this, I'm done. Need to get back to work.


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Will we live or die.... only God knows.

I will be so glad when this day is over. Election day. In the past, I haven't been that concerned about this specific day. I did my civic duty, and trusted that others would choose rightly. Well, obviously this last two election days, they did not. For the past eight years, we as Christians have been persecuted (as in bakery and flower shops being sued for refusing an order) for our religious beliefs - and yet, other "religions" are recognized and awarded. Our country has been divided racially like it has never been before. Our power as a successful nation had been diminished and nearly destroyed. We cannot share our faith in our offices, are not to have religious items displayed - even at Christmas! (but I do anyway) Christ is being removed when He is the Supreme sacrifice for us.

This morning as my husband and I prayed for our nation, for this election, we prayed that the curse upon this nation brought on by the current - and some past - presidents would be broken. We prayed for healing in our nation. We prayed that God will break the curses due to selfish and self-centered gain by individuals and by political parties. And, although I knew I shouldn't, I prayed that God would bring devastation and curses upon those who have destroyed our Christian nation.

Will God answer me? Probably not that I will ever know about, but I do pray that He will raise up the leader who will rebuild America and bring her back to a righteous nation, one that will be honored as a nation who serves God first and does what is right.

For so many years we have been spiraling downward into the abyss and only God can help us now.

Am I afraid of what the outcome could possibly be today? Yes, I am. I am terrified that this specific person will win. Will evil prevail? I pray not. Stories of absentee ballots being marked in a 'secret room' in Florida, 83 early ballots with different names sent to one address in another city, two senators arrested for registered dead people to vote - is the foundation of the person they are wanting to elect so thin that they have to steal, lie, and cheat, to get votes?

God, will You bring healing to this nation? Will You, Lord, rescue us from the curse placed upon us? Will YOU, O God, restore us? Will You, Heavenly Father, hear the prayers of Your children crying out to You for help?

You only know how this will end. All we can do is trust You.

Help us, Lord, for we cannot help ourselves.

Friday, October 21, 2016

I was daydreaming one day last week.....

Yeah, it is something I do once in awhile. I usually enjoy daydreaming, and on my way to work, for some reason, I was thinking of this one scene in the movie "Shall We Dance" starring Richard Gere, Jennifer Lopez, and Susan Sarandon. In this one specific scene, Richard Gere is coming up the escalator, dressed in a black tux, carrying a single red rose. (Ok, I'm hopelessly romantic at times) Susan Sarandon turns, sees him, and is puzzled why he is there. And the reason? He came to dance with her. While she is working late. Her two co-workers were in near-tears over the scene (as I was). They danced, and then went to a party. Not going to tell you all about it.

I was thinking of that scene as I drove in to work yesterday, and a small car pulled in front of me with words written on it's back window. Well, not written, but professionally printed. It must be a business, I'm assuming. It got off the Interstate before I could read what it was about. Oh - what did it say? "Pure Romance".

Did that not fit in with what I was thinking? Pure Romance. Something most women, and occasionally a few men, think of.

I went further in my thinking after that, and began to think of how God loves to romance us. If one is sensitive to it, they will recognize the coolness of the morning created just for them. Or if they would just pause and glance about, they may find a rose or a daisy or a flowering weed, for that matter, created to bring joy for that moment.

God loves us so much, He goes out of His way to show us His love. He does so many little things - and we miss them, because we are distracted, or angry, or indifferent. But they are there.

As I pull out of my driveway most mornings I will pause to look at my roses and admire their beauty. I admire how our yard always looks so nice (thank you Mr. Landscaper!!). I admire the paint job completed on our house that has brightened it up.

It's all about romance. What have you done lately to bring about romance in your life? Was it an unexpected note? A neatly timed, yet unexpected, call? Was it bringing a rose to the one you love, just to say "I care about you.".

Maybe it is even cleaning up the house without whining. Keeping the bathrooms clean. Doing the laundry one week so your spouse doesn't have to. Or just taking time to sit together and just talk. Go for a cup of coffee or tea. Ice cream is even better.

And it isn't just your spouse or significant other. What about your children? Of course it isn't ROMANCE - but showing them that you care in different ways.

What is your idea of pure romance?