Tuesday, December 1, 2015

It's going to happen......so they say....

We finally got approval yesterday. YEP, we are now scheduled to move our offices this Friday and over the weekend. Monday morning we will be reporting to the new building location. It's finally 'over' - well, not over until the fat lady sings, but the approvals for occupancy are in - and that is a good thing. We've been living out of bins for the past two weeks and I have no idea where things are.

Today has been a crazy day. I worked from home yesterday because I can.... and got a little bit done. As I have mentioned before, they have changed us to a time clock situation where we have to go into ADP in the computer to hit "time stamp" so that we clock in and out. We have not been given a "grace period" where you can clock in five minutes before or after - we were told it has to be exact or it will be 'noted' that we didn't clock in at the right time. (Seriously?) It is such a pain. Already.

It interrupted me yesterday while I was trying to work. It has interrupted me today as well. I clocked out for the lunch I never take, ate at my desk, worked, and did errands for the bosses around the office. Then it came time for me to clock back in. It was 12:55 and I had to clock back in at 1:11. I was asked to come remove food from the conference room across the way at 1PM. I couldn't leave, I had to wait so that I could clock back in. If I clocked in before, it would be "noted".... so I didn't want to clock in late - it would take me 20-30 minutes to clear out the food, take to kitchen, clean things up and then come back to my desk. So I sat here until 1:11 so that I could clock in - then went to clean the food up. I've complained already to HR - they said they would bring it up at the next HR meeting. I suggested Admins be exempt from the time clock. If I have to go to 8-5PM that would be the pits. But I'm trying to cooperate. I send the big report out at 6:30-7:00AM - depending on when I get to the office. If they make me wait until 8AM to clock in - many people will get a late start on their day, waiting on the report to come through. Catch 22 I guess. I figure I will do what I need to - clock out when I should, and just hang around until my usual time to leave - unless my boss isn't here, then I could leave if I wanted to.

Thanksgiving was a good day. I enjoyed one of my granddaughters coming to help me bake and get things ready for the Thanksgiving meal. It was a good weekend cause I had both Thursday and Friday off. The month of December is going to be crazy for me. I worked from home yesterday (which was nice cause it was cold outside), and Friday I'm taking a 'sick day'. Need to get results from some lab work I had done on Monday. Next week I'm off Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to help Aunt Sue with her yard sale (which is already proving to be a nightmare. We had things in stacks.... and she has gone through them and moved things around to where I have no idea where things are). Then I'm off the following Monday and Tuesday to finish up my shopping and baking. Then the week of Christmas, I'm off Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day. And then I'm off the day before New Years Eve, New Years Eve, and New Years Day.

2016 is going to kill me in January when I have to go every day. Oh wait - we DO have one day off that month! I just have six vacation days I need to use - or lose by the end of the year. I didn't realize I had held on to that many. I try to reserve 2 or 3 days for December - but hadn't planned well, I guess. And that's ok! I want to make sure I have everything done by Christmas and this gives me that opportunity.

Our Christmas tree is up and decorated. The ornaments are out for the grandchildren to select - whenever we see them. The back bedroom is loaded down with all the shopping I did this weekend - heaven help me with all the packages start arriving cause I did a lot online as well. Sure beats going out shopping. It may take me longer to select something, but it also limits me picking up 'one more thing' for someone. I'm hoping everyone will like what I selected. This year seems more difficult for some reason.

Most of all, I want to remember the REASON for this time of year. A fellow Admin and I were discussing this today. The REASON is much more important than doing all the gift stuff. Unless children go to church, I find it rare that a parent will remind them what the reason is for Christmas. It isn't all about the gifts - it's about the GIFT that was given to us. How are you sharing the GIFT this year?


Friday, November 20, 2015

It didn't happen.

It was supposed it. It was planned. It was on the calendar. Things had already been put into place for it to happen. But it didn't. I spent the day of November 13th at the new location, helping to empty bins for the storage rooms and get things put in place. All that had been taken over to the new location were our file cabinets, storage items, and things like that. It was a very busy and productive day. Then, at 3:30PM, the word came down. The Inspector had not approved the area for occupancy because of some things that were not yet completed. "Little things" such as plumbing in the restrooms, breakroom, alarm system not tested and working, and I'm not sure what else was not done. But we couldn't move. The move was cancelled. We have been left 'hanging' all week, unknowing when and what was going on. We got the word yesterday afternoon - the move date has now been changed to December 4th. Two more weeks out. And all our items are still in bins around this office - which is the "old" office and to which we have all been reporting to. This morning I finally located my bins and put them nearby so that I could get into them for my work. One week is one thing - three weeks is another. And now I have to make a run to the new office so that I can get some binders - wouldn't you know it - I have two big meetings that I need binders for and my binders are in the storage at the new office. I will be making a run there this afternoon to get them.

I did get to see my new area last week when I was at the new office - and I think I like it. I get to see Camelback mountain from my window. I have lots of light - which I like. I just wish the move was over so that I could get to my regular work more easily.

Thanksgiving is next week. I believe we are going to our daughter's house - but I still will fix the turkey, dressing, giblet gravy, etc. and cart it over there. I did ask a granddaughter to come stay with me Wednesday night and help me cook the next morning. Someone is going to have to carry on this tradition after I'm gone so I need to start training others while I can. One of these days I want to get a recipe book created with some of my favorite recipes to pass on. My cornbread dressing recipe belonged to my grandmother, passed down to me from my mother. Aunt Sue taught me how to make cranberry relish last weekend and it is so good. I really want to make some of that up - and of course include that recipe in the book too. Huh. Guess I need to start it, don't I.

I want to get a new computer. Mine has been giving me fits for months - it's slow, and sometimes it won't come up. I'd like to wipe it clean and pass it on - but can't until I get a new one. Perhaps after Christmas I can find a good deal on one. No big deal; I use my ipad for just about everything, but when I need to type something, the computer is much better and easier to use. I also want to get a new desk. I have never liked the desk I have - too small for an adult, although it was hubby's desk nearly 50 years ago. (No, I don't think I'm stretching that) Ok, maybe 40 years ago. But I want one to fit MY needs. Then figure out what to do with that one.

Hubby finally gave me a Christmas list and I started one last night. I really don't NEED anything.... and the request I have had numerous times never has come about, so it still stands. I wonder if my sons would like pedicures. Until they have it, they don't realize how wonderful it feels, when done correctly. Hubby never wanted one, until a few years back for our anniversary we both had one done - and he loved it. The family always seem to keep me guessing on what to get them.... and since I'm not spending a lot it seems to get harder. At least the boys - and some of the grandchildren - like my salsa so they get that as part of their gifts and others like my bread and cheeseball so they are happy too. It does make it look like they get more, and I love doing the personal things for them. I need to sit down and make a list of who gets what.

I had to laugh last week. My youngest granddaughter mentioned that an older brother told her "if you don't tell grandma what you want for Christmas, you will get clothes" - which is what has happened to them - they don't tell me, so they get clothes. Last week I got a text from my granddaughter which said, "Grandma, I want fuzzy slippers, gum, and a curling iron for Christmas". It make me laugh. And you know what, although I have already gotten her Christmas made for her, she will get the fuzzy slippers, gum, and curling iron as well. Just because I want to do it for her. And she made me laugh.

Well, I need to get to work - hope that you have a good day - maybe I can write more while I'm off next weekend. Thanksgiving is nearly upon us - and then Christmas!! I have work to do!!


Friday, November 13, 2015

It is Moving Day!!

Today our office moves form one location to another. I have had my things boxed up for a week now (I ended up NOT having jury duty!!) so I have been doing a little of this and a little of that! And that is ok, except I have gotten behind on my work - but that's just the way it is. I will be in this office until about 10:30AM or so and then will head to the new building to help put things away - wherever they need me to.

At 9AM this morning our big conference room will be opened up - all the extra supplies people had - and didn't want to pack and take - have been put in the conference room and it will be a 'yard sale' time. No monies exchanged - if you want it - take it. I had some office things at home that I don't need - so I brought those - I wish I had thought so that I could have gone through more things - but just grabbed what was in front of me. I did a quick walk-through this morning and saw a few things that would be nice to have..... and then I would tell myself - NO NO NO you don't need that!! LOL There are some picture frames I might be interested in - and they have some old company shirts available. I may do a walkthrough at 9AM with everyone else to see what hasn't already been grabbed. I have to tell myself no - there is nothing I need!!

I've said many times that I want to declutter my house - and getting rid of office things would be a good start. I have boxes in my closet that I need to go through from when I worked at my former company and we moved - and I boxed up and brought home - and never went through. I figure that if I get rid of things NOW, then when my time comes to an end, my family won't have to go through boxes and ask themselves, "now WHY did mom keep all this crap?" !! But alas, I haven't gotten to any of it yet - so they may end up doing that. I laugh here at work as people are also complaining about how much 'stuff' they have at their desk - and I tell them - this is why we have been in our house for nearly 20 years - we don't like moving!!

The Company brought in bagels this morning - and although I had already had my protein shake - I ate an asiago bagel. Oh so good. That will probably be lunch if I'm at the other building. Not sure if I'm driving or if I'm riding with someone. If I'm driving - when I leave here I will unplug my laptop and take it with me - everything that belongs to me or my desk will be taken with me. As I backed into my parking spot this morning, the thought occurred to me that it would be the last time.

And you know what..... I don't care. What I mean is - after all, it is just a parking spot, this is just a building, and I have a job within this building. They are taking us to a building which we will be more cramped than we are now. There is no rhyme or reason as to why we are moving - especially that they are moving us into a smaller place which leaves us no place to grow. It makes no sense at all. Corporate should have come out here to check it out - NOT just look at things presented to them and make the decision. We have offices without windows, offices with windows (I'm really lucky - I have a cubicle right next to the window!!) - and people are not going to be happy being out in a 'fishbowl' for that is literally what the cubicles are. They aren't broke out by departments anymore - and the top foot is glass - which means one can step out of their office and look all over the floor and see what everyone is doing. Like I said, people are NOT going to be happy. I don't like people looking over my shoulder, which is another reason I like my little corner with the window. Although I did tell my boss (who is 7 offices down from me - see what I mean? no sense at all!!) that I would give up my window if I could sit outside her office. In the fishbowl.

Well, it's time to get to work - need to see what I can do and make sure I have everything ready to grab and go. I'm ready, I think.

Romans 8:28 New International Version (NIV) "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." I believe that. And I believe that God will bring good about this move. He has already - I am thinking I will drop about ten minutes of drive time! And that is a good thing.


Friday, November 6, 2015

I really do not like change..... at all.....

That is probably a very honest statement. But, actually, I don't always MIND change. Some changes hurt, and you don't ever really get over it. Some changes aren't worth even changing, let alone thinking about.

I have a lot of things, or changes, going on right now. The biggest change is that my office is moving. Literally. Moving to a few miles up the street. Won't make much difference in my drive time, but it is just getting used to a new location in an more-industrial park. We were originally told the reason for the move was to bring our company "together". Right now the majority are on one side of the 'bridge' and we are on the other side. Not even 100 feet to cross the bridge, so seriously? And, to top it off, yes, in the new building we will be all together, but nearly every cubicle, every office if filled, so there is now no room for growth. We also lose our cafeteria and they will have vending machines in its place. It's a new building, but not owned by us. You would think they would have thought this out and made sure we had more room than we have now.

Plus our cubicles are being reduced size-wise, both ways! Right now the sides of my cubicle is about 5 ft; and it's solid. In the new location it will be 4 ft, and the top foot is glass. Seriously. AND they moved me into the corner - literally! I'm now in a "admin area".... my boss fought against it as I need to be out by her (she is about 8 offices down the row from me.). We decided to just let it go for now, then after a few months, put in a request to have me moved closer to her. We'll figure something out. It's not that my job is just for her, I also do work for 5 other people in that row of offices. But the good part, I do have a window. I'd rather be out front of my boss so that I can help her more easily.

I'll definitely be getting my steps in running back and forth!

And there is another change which again, we cannot fight, but it is crazy. Seems as though at one of the companies someone filed a lawsuit because they were "forced" to work overtime and not getting paid for it - meaning, the boss told them to do a job and it required overtime but refused to pay them for it. Or something like that. So Corporate has created a new policy and change that requires, beginning the end of this month, for everyone to log into the computer at their assigned time, and go to the timecards in the computer, and get a "stamp record" posted on the internal time sheet. They have to do that for lunch (going and return), and also when they go home at night.

Now here is MY dilemma. I am at work between 6:30AM - 7:00AM every morning. Earlier if I have specific work to do or a meeting. I rarely leave the office to take a lunch - I eat at my desk and keep working. My choice. If I go to lunch, I don't worry if I take an hour and a half, because I already made up that time. I leave usually about 4:30 - but because I have to be hourly, I have just put on my timecard 8-4:30PM with a 1/2 hour lunch. 80 hours a pay period. Unless I have to work overtime for a specific reason. I don't worry about the extra hours I put in - it's my choice. I may type this blog when I come in, I may start work. I may sit and chat for a few minutes with my boss when she comes in to catch up on things. I may continue working until 5PM or later if I need to complete a task. It is all my choice, and I do not ask to be paid overtime unless it is warranted. And I have never been turned down. Many times my boss will let me leave a little early if I need to so that it compensates me for the time I did work over. It's no big deal to me. I like the freedom of being able to come and go. They can't make me salaried because of the position I have.

So I will have to sign in to document my computerized time stamp; and be sure to sign out at the right time to document on the computerized time stamp. This is going to be more a waste of time for me since I don't work a straight 8 hours as many people do. BUT, Corporate has designated all hourly employees to do this - and we can't change the time; only our boss can change our time on the timecard, and it will show they made the change. I told my boss she may as well do my timecard for I will really be messing it up - unintentionally. NOT looking forward to that change either!

I know in the great scheme of life none of this is important. It's just all coming at the same time. PLUS I need to call tomorrow to see if I have jury duty next week. I keep praying for favor, that I won't have to go - not that I mind serving, I don't mind at all - it's just that this is not a good week for me to be gone from the office - this next week is packing week with the move on Friday. When I go home tonight, I will have all of my desk packed up and ready to go. Monday if I get to come to work, I will be able to help others as I will have made allowances already for the three meetings I have next week. It's going to be crazy if I'm here - and yet, I am praying for release from the jury duty for this time. (Please God?)

So how do you deal with changes? Emotionally I'm ok with it all. And for what I think is crazy, I just shake my head. What else can I do? Maybe they will let me say 'I told you so' when it doesn't work - or I will be surprised when it does.

Either way - change is ahead of me and I need to move on. Like it or not....


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

He said it was just dry eyes....

I am a crier. Yes, I cry at everything. I cry at sad stories, I cry at romantic movies, I cry at happy times, I cry when someone is hurting, I cry when something doesn't go right, I cry. All the time. Well, maybe not all the time, but sometimes it seems the little things touch my heart and bring tears to my eyes. I remember praying one time that God will break my heart for the things that break His. I had forgotten praying that, until one Sunday when we had a healing service, and as the older generation came forward with all their aches and pains (it was the traditional service), my heart broke for them and I wept. I wondered then why my heart hurt so for these people that I loved so much, and God brought to mind my request that my heart would break for those things that break His. And I realized that when His people are hurting, His heart does break.

So when I went to the eye specialist yesterday to have him check my eyes, I was surprised at his diagnosis. I had made this appointment with the specialist as I have been having a lot of burning in my eyes, and some blurriness at times in one eye. Well, they did a refraction, and dilated my eyes and did a couple tests. Seems that my eyes have been drying out. Have the start of a cataract in one eye - which is no problem for about 10 years - but the blurriness is caused by my eye trying to compensate for the dryness (I think), as it doesn't last but a short time. Anyway, two bottles of eye drops that I can also buy over the counter and I was out of his office in less than 30 minutes. It was good to know that nothing was wrong and it was only 'dry eye' for I need my eyes. :-)

In the month of November most people start thinking of things they are thankful for and post them on facebook. I'm not one of these people. However, that does not mean that I'm not thankful for things. There are many things that I am thankful for. Things that I sometimes take for granted - like my Heavenly Father watching over me and those I love, hearing my prayers for them. Why am I thinking of that today? Because my daughter was rear-ended yesterday and other than her neck, she seems to be ok. We ask God every day to watch over our children, and our grandchildren, and keep them in His care. And He answered.

He answered last month when I went out to my vehicle in the garage and had a very flat tire with a nail in it. It could have blown while I was on the Interstate - however, He waited for me to put it in park and be safe, before He allowed the air to go out. Every day I ask Him to surround my vehicle and me, to keep the tires full of air and the wires and hoses intact, that I can get where I need to go. And He does.

What about you? Do you whisper a little prayer that God will watch over you and your loved ones that day? Do you ask Him to make your path straight that day? I ask Him every day to open up my lanes that I can move into them easily and quickly - and He always answers and sometimes will have all 4 lanes empty - until I move over - then they become busy. I laugh when He does that. I think He does it 'just for me'.

It's when I realize how good God is to me, when I think about the things He does for me, about the prayers He answers the way I want Him to - and sometimes about the way He does it the way He wants to.... and my eyes water. They are no longer dry.

Our God is a good and faithful God. He watches over us, loves us, cares for us in ways we can not imagine. He gives us good things - but our choices sometimes bring about bad things. Sometimes we say things like "life happens".... well, I can't imagine my life as just a 'happening'..... I like to think of my life as being in His hand. And my eyes water. God is so good to me. Thank you, Abba.


Friday, October 30, 2015

Packing up and getting ready to move on.....

Yep. That's what I've been doing this morning. Well, for most of it. I've been cleaning out desk drawers, packing up my personal things..... (when did I get so many personal things here at the office??)... and getting them ready to take home. Why am I doing this?

No, I didn't get fired. Our Company is moving to a new location in two weeks. They've asked us to start purging - and like most people, I didn't think I had that much. However, as I packed my dishes I keep here to eat off of, my knives I keep here for when I need to cut something I've brought in, my little flag, my oatmeal, my bowl, my vase, my cup(s), my tennis shoes, ... well, I think you get the picture (yes, I had to take those off the wall too).... I have a bag full to take home - and another bag started!! And I've only cleaned out two drawers!!

I have three small drawers left to go - it won't be too bad to go through. And an overhead. I think I'm going to just shred those documents. I have them saved in the computer; no need to hang on to them as I don't think anyone cares.... will think about it a bit more before I trash tho. I'm hoping by the time I go home tonight that I can have most everything I have to remove for now in bags and ready to take home.

We aren't moving for a couple weeks yet (Friday the 13th, no less), but I have been lucky enough to be selected for possible jury duty the week of the 9th. Which means I won't find out until the 7th when I call in if I have to go or not. I don't mind serving, I really don't, but it is a really, really bad week for me to not be in the office. Why?

I have 3 meetings that week that I coordinate and take minutes at. Tuesday, Wednesday and a big one on Thursday. When I submitted my paperwork that yes, I didn't have an excuse big enough to warrant not doing it, but I did beg off for Thursday because of that big meeting. I told them it was my job to do this meeting, and to please let me do my job. I'm hoping that was a good enough beg. Unfortunately, I didn't remember we were moving on the next day, Friday. Of course if I told them that, they definitely wouldn't care and would make me at least come in on Monday. I'm hoping I don't have to even do that. That has happened only once - where I called in and was told not to come in. That always makes me nervous so I listen to it three or four times before I finally convince myself I won't get arrested by not going. I have a week to get my things out of here - but today is not a very productive day.

At least not yet. Although I have been productive in that I have been cleaning out my desk. My boss is working from home today so I can leave early. I won't leave THAT early, but maybe an hour early.

I was asked to bring shredded chicken in for nachos today. Now, I'm just a country gal, but to me nachos are nacho chips with lots of thick cheese on them with jalapenos on top of that. But here, people do things differently. Some put ground beef, and some put chicken, along with the cheese and jalapenos. So I was asked to shred chicken. I cooked the chicken breasts in my pressure cooker for 30 minutes. When I got home late last night, I put the chicken breasts in a bowl - and began the shredding process.

Now mind you, when I see something on Facebook I don't always believe it, but I had seen this one you-tube (and the recipes for two things I've made have been awesome) that showed shredding chicken with your mixer blades. I thought I would try it and see if it worked. IT DID! In less than one minute I had shredded 6 chicken breasts! I couldn't believe it - and neither does anyone else here when I tell them that. They also had seen the you-tube video of it - but didn't believe it. It's going to be a big time-saver for sure! So the chicken is in the crockpot heating up this morning.

We are also having a dessert contest - and I try to participate. I made my peanut butter cup and added gummy worms all over it. That keeps me from eating any!! Let's see if I win! :-)

Most everyone seems to have dressed up for today. We have a clown, one of my managers dressed like Abby from NCIS and looks just like her!!. We have 3-4 of the women who dressed in the black clothes with the lines around their red lips and wearing a veil.... I think it has something to do with 'day of the dead' that from what I understand, Mexicans celebrate. I don't understand it. I'd rather celebrate the day of the Living, than the day of the dead.

Anyway - Lots seem to be in the Halloween spirit and not working - and here I am typing this blog out. Taking a break from packing. But reckon I need to get at it again. At least I get to park in the garage for the next week. My boss is out today so I'm in her parking spot. Next week our medical director is on vacation so I have his badge to get in and out of the garage for next week. I won't have far to carry my bags!

Hope that you have a safe Halloween. I wonder if any of the grandchildren will come by. We don't usually give out candy to the neighborhood as they seem to get bused in and dropped off. We may stay at home, but watch a movie in the back room. But in the past I had candy for the grandchildren. Last year none of the grandchildren came by..... but I still gave them candy. Maybe this is the year to stop it all. They are getting too old, I guess.


Friday, October 23, 2015

To be or not to be....

It's been a busy couple of weeks in my life. Especially this week! We had an outside company coming in to speak with our 100+ case managers - and the job of coordinating all the case managers and the two sessions became my responsibility. Lucky me. I "lost" literally 4 days of work this week. Sometimes I wonder about case managers..... I sent out an email that we have a webinar. They had a choice - come in at 10AM "in person" for it, or come in at 1PM "in person" for it, or stay at home and jump on their computer for the powerpoint presentation and call in to hear the discussion. How hard is that choice? Their director wrote the email explaining this, and I sent it out so that all the responses would come to me. (lucky me - filled my inbox time and again)

I began to get their responses and I recorded them on an excel spreadsheet. By Wednesday I was nearly done with the list when one case manager says..... I think I got confused; I am doing the 10AM webinar from home and am not coming in.

Now what the "voting" choices were: 1) 10AM session; 2) 1PM session; and 3) Webinar only. I guess that wasn't so clear.

So I send out another email to everyone to clear up the confusion. "I don't care what time you call in for the seminar - I only need to know if you are doing the webinar from home, or if you are coming in to the office. If you are coming in to the office, I need to know what time so that I can make sure we have enough space."

So all the emails come in again with their comments. Thursday morning I was still getting "I think I'm confused. I'm doing the 10AM webinar from my home." (I DON'T CARE!!) or, "I signed up for the 10AM Webinar from home, can I change that to the 1PM Webinar from home?" or "I signed up to come in to the office at 10AM - but I'm doing to do it from home" - which changed my lists over and over. By 10AM when the webinar was to start, I had mentally "quit" keeping notes.

Then the outside source could not get their computer to work with our system, so had to email to me their presentation, and I had to sign in the computer in the conference room so they could do the presentation. Bad part? Due to security reasons (they were "inside" our computer system through my signon) I had to stay in the room for both sessions. It was interesting, and I did get lunch out of it. But it was the fourth day I was unable to get my own work done.

Throw in we had a 'cutest pet' contest to get money for United Way. 10 Photos were sent in - and only 8 have paid. We have the prizes and none of the unpaid ones won, but I have contacted the two that I put their money in so please come in and pay me back. So that took a lot of time - I had to print the photos and post on the wall, then send all the photos out, and then get all the votes counted this morning.

I'm finally "done" to get my own work done today. It's Friday. I don't know where to start.

But with all that was done this week.... let's look at the positives.... we had a silent auction for United Way and I won a basket (which I donated to a grandson's silent auction for school). It also gave me an idea for Christmas. Last Thursday I got "honored" in an employee meeting. I couldn't go because other people had backed my work up and I was on a deadline to get binders put together for an early meeting the next morning. The company honored me with a "champion" certificate AND a nice visa gift card. I haven't spent it yet - but I'm thinking what would I possibly want to do with it. I may just use it to buy Christmas gifts, but then again..... I'm just not rushing out to spend it. See - two positives within a week! And I got to 'pay it forward' with the gift basket. (NO, I'm not paying it forward with this gift card - although I have in the past.)

I'm speaking at one of our RV park churches November 1st and I have a rough draft on the message. It's about getting to know Jesus. If you never told someone you were a Christian, would they know it by the way you live your life? Does your life shout "Jesus"?

Stuart Briscoe in his book Getting into God tells an interesting story of one night when he was putting his kids to bed. He liked to take time with his kids and have a prayer with them before he tucked them in. With one of his sons, when he went into his room, the kid was already in bed. He sat beside him, put his hand on him, and said, "do you have anything you want us to pray about tonight?" And his sons says "no". So Stuart Briscoe says, "no troubles going on?" and the boy says "no". And Stuart Briscoe says 'I know my son, I know he has troubles, he just isn't owning up to them.' So I started thinking about how hard it was to be a Christian and to live and go to school, how kids make fun of you for being a Christian, and he said, "don't the other kids at school make fun of you for being a Christian?" And his son said "no". Stuart Briscoe said he thought about it for a second and he said that can't be right, so he said, "I don't believe that, I'm sure the kids make fun of you when they find out you are a Christian." And my son replied, "no, all the more reason you don't let them know.".

His son just might have voiced what is the challenge for most of us who claim to be followers of Jesus Christ. And he said that maybe, just maybe, we don't let people know who we are simply because we are so uncomfortable in talking about it.

Interesting, don't you think? So are you living your life as a Jesus follower so that others know you have Jesus living in you - or would they question it if you said you were a Christian..... think about that.